Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Puppy Diaries, Part III or ALRIGHT ALREADY....

Yes, I get it - I know....I've been remiss in keeping my blog up to date. My only excuse is I just don't like this interface - it makes me crazy. I'm not really sure why, I just like my online journal on my website better. That said - I've resurected that journal but I will keep posting here. I'm thinking I need to change the name of this blog to RANTS or something. :)

Here is a new picture of Bella. I'm thinking about changing her name to Satan's Bell or something like that. I returned home from Louisiana only 10 days ago and in that time, the tally is, Bella 7 and JC 0.

So what do I mean by that? So far in ten days she has devoured two pairs of shoes, about a million cotton balls (It really is funny to catch her in the act with a little white cotton ball beard), a hair barette, a hair bandeau, a small lotion bottle, (luckily it was empty) two pillowcases (which I didn't figure out until AFTER I was in bed) and tonight she destroyed a sock.

I'm going broke just from replacing what she destroys.

Other than that she's just fine...