Friday, June 15, 2007

Foto Friday

I know - it's another photo of my dog but I didn't make it out much this week. My bathroom still isn't done - they repainted it and when they went to put the wooden floor trim (I know it has a name, I just can't remember it) they drove in one nail and the wall caved in.
Just lovely.
The original contractor failed to replace the drywall near the shower (where it had been damaged by years of water) and now they have to go back and take care of that. The biggest issue will be to get the paint to match the rest of the walls. This is textured granite paint and it feels like stucco when you touch it. It's really easy to get it on un-evenly and it just pops out at you.
I'm so SICK of my fricking bathroom.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Saying Goodbye

I've never been good at saying goodbye. I hang onto friendships long past their 'expiriation' date. This is never a good thing yet I do it every time. To quote Tyler Perry (or Madea - which ever you prefer):

Some friends are seasonal and when that season is up, you let them go.

That's a hard one. How do you say good bye to someone you love? Recently I've taken on the mentality that I don't want to leave anything unsaid. How sad is it when someone you love passes on and you can't celebrate their life because all you can think of is what you wish you'd said.

I don't want to be that person. I don't want to be filled with regret when someone I love leaves this world and I wouldn't wish that on my friends.

To borrow a line from Scrooge, the 1969 musical version of the story:

'We never have all the time to say and do everything we wish for suddenly, we aren't there anymore."

And this is the ultimate lesson of life, IMHO. Our time here is finite and we should cram all the living we can into the time we're given, and that includes saying what you feel is necessary to those around you.

One of the the issues that makes me the saddest is that there are several people in my life who have severed all contact with me. Over what - I don't know or I don't remember. Whatever it is I'm sure its petty and silly though at the time it seemed huge and insurmountable. I tried contacting the one nearest and dearest to my heart, and he won't return my calls. This makes me so incredibly sad. First, I don't know why he's upset and since I have no way to reach him, I have no way of rectifying the situation or telling him how very much I love him and how much he's changed my life. But if someone won't meet you halfway, all you can do is wish them well and move on.

So I say to you, loyal readers, if there is something standing between you and someone you love, tear it down - you never know if there is a tomorrow for you to address it.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sleepy Sunday

My dogs are SO spoiled it isn't funny. They spend their 'off' time (when their not barking at neighbors, eating or napping on the couch) in my bed. Lazy brats!

This is two of my three dogs, Bella on the right and Maddie. Maddie is the dog that travels with me all the time and she stuck with me through my Hurricane Katrina work.