Saturday, October 18, 2008

Project Runway Finale

So, who watched the Project Runway finale and was bored stiff like me? I love, love, love that show but I found the runway shows to be a little...meh.

Let's start with Kenley. I admit, I'm not a Kenley fan and I do think she needs to go to charm school. If you look up the word RUDE you'll see her photo in the dictionary.

I thought her clothing was very costumey, overworked and 80's. Sorry Kenley, I lived through the 80's once and I'm not going back! Many of her fabrics were handpainted which is an interesting and creative concept - but several of them looked as if the model had fallen into a tub of tempra paint.

So what did I like from her collection?

The white dress with the swoosh of flowers was very Audrey Hepburn-esque. It looked as if it belonged on a 50's lady of the manor but I thought it was cute and fun.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

WLW: I'm not surprised!

For many months I put off resurrecting my Weight Loss Wednesdays because I had a secret fear that the moment I told people I was trying to resize my butt that I'd gain weight. So I started up the WLW last Weds and what happened...

I gained a pound.

LOL! The universe has a really sick sense of humor.

I have a tendency to be private about some things and weight loss in one of them. Seeing that I'm an emotional eater, I honestly don't know how I will do from one day to the next. I know - all you skinny people are thinking "well if she'd just step away from the donuts" but I'm here to tell you that it just doesn't work like that...and I'm not a fan of donuts. :)

Emotional eating stems from being unable to express your feelings. The reasons for this is as varied as snowflakes, child abuse, child neglect, domineering relationships, feeling ignored, low self esteem, alcoholism, drug abuse - you name it, someone is suffering from the inability to embrace and express their emotion side. Most obese people have some sort of issue that plays into their obesity - people don't just sit down one day and say wow, think I'll gain two hundred pounds - that will REALLY make me happy.

There are also medical reasons for obesity, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome has a side effect of obesity. There is something called Insulin Resistance which means that the body doesn't handle insulin properly so instead of burning calories it takes them and turns them into fat. Some hormonal imbalances can be a cause of obesity - the list goes on and on.

So anyway - emotional eaters stuff our feelings by stuffing our faces. Big calories = Big emotional relief. We've all heard the term Comfort Food - these foods are usually high in fat, sugar and carbs (mac & cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, ice cream, snickers) that the moment we ingest them we are assailed with feelings of safety, security, familiarity - you get the picture.

Unfortunately broccoli, carrots and rice cakes are not comfort foods!

So one of the reasons I don't discuss weight loss with friends is because inevitably I'll have a bad week and someone will say, "How's the weight loss coming?" I'll mumble something appropriately noncommittal but their innocent question only reinforced the fact that I've been slacking. Then I'll dwell on get the picture. No, I won't rush out and molest a Krispy Kreme truck but I don't want the negative thought in my head. I know when I'm slacking and I don't need to be reminded! (Do I sound psychotic yet)

So there are two choices. I can continue the downward spiral of emotional eating (It's only a potato chip, I'll only eat one...then you wake up with salt on your face and chip crumbs in your bra) or I can say no, this isn't the path I want to go down.

The difference between those who fail to lose weight and those who succeed attention...this is a huge secret...those who succeed go back onto their plan after they screw up. Wow, who knew? They don't kick themselves and load up on McDonald's, they promise to do better and then they follow up by walking the walk. Kicking yourself for eating badly at lunch doesn't help you achieve your goal. It doesn't help how you feel about yourself and your body. Why are you beating up on yourself so much?

Let's face it - the cosmetic, weight loss and diet industry makes billions each year by making you hate the way you look. They put unrealistic images of beauty in front of you and promise that if you buy this then you can look like a prepubescent girl once again.

Not a wrinkle will mar your skin if you put sperm whale urine on your face.

Your husband will never leave you if you lose just ten more pounds...

Lose the love handles by spending 399.00 on Suzanne Somer's Love Handle Destroyer...

We can all look better with some effort, weight loss, exercise, eating right - but must we hate ourselves during the process? Not all of us were meant to look like Demi Moore. Hell, even Demi wouldn't look the way she does without tens of thousands of dollars in plastic surgery, personal trainers and chefs. So how about we take all of the self-hated the beauty industry heaps upon us and toss it out the window for a change?

No matter what you see in the mirror each morning, I think you're beautiful both inside and out.