Friday, November 30, 2007

The Junk Drawer...

Yes, I realize it's Foto Friday and I normally put up something pretty, thought provoking or fun - but this week I thought I'd just put up something that provokes me.
This is a photo of what I call my cord drawer. This is the top drawer of my filing cabinet that sits next to my desk. Now, I'd love to keep handy things in there like office supplies, files, paper for the printer...
BUT NO....
Every other week the cords take over. I swear, I clean this drawer at least twice a month and the moment I'm not looking, gremlins get in there, tangle up the cords to ensure I can't find anything. I gave up keeping much of anything in that drawer because it just gets caught in the cords, flipped out of the drawer and onto the floor.
Do you think it's a conspiracy? Are the cords trying to form a union and take control of my filing cabinet?
Cheeky monkeys. Today I'm armed with zip ties and labels, we'll see who wins this battle!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Manly Monday

Romance is all about the fantasy.

We, as women, do harass men from time to time about objectifying us as sexual objects. If you watch television ads, what does a blonde in a bikini have to do with selling wine? Is the implication that if you buy said wine, you get a free blonde with purchase?
Now let's be honest ladies - do we not objectify men through romance novels? Tell the truth now. ;)
Of course, IMO, its difficult to find a man who doesn't enjoy being thought of as a sexual toy. Let's face it, they're all about the fantasy, too.
This is Jason Chambers, a mixed martial arts fighter and co-host of Human Weapon on the History Channel. I picked this photo because I thought he was hot, like the pose, and the tattoo screams Bad Boy. In all honesty, my favorite photo of him was in a suit but I didn't select it as I didn't feel it properly illustrated my point.
Fantasy is a beautiful thing.