Thursday, August 28, 2008

Over the edge...

The question of the evening is...just how many tech support reps does it take to answer an email question?

I'm currently on hold with Time Warner cable and my mission is simple - to get the email addy assigned to my road runner account. Sounds simple doesn't it.

Not to Time Warner.

I'm on my third person now and so far all of them have been unable to help me...okay, the rep came back to tell me I'm being transferred to lucky number four. Let's see how well this works out...

(listening to very bad muzak)

Hmm...I really need to do my nails. I have a signing on Saturday and I don't want to look like a castaway...

No idea what to do with my hair. I'm growing it out but I almost always wear it up. What is the point of having long hair when I always wear it...


The reason we have random acts of violence in this country is because we have to DEAL WITH UTILITY COMPANIES. I'M NOT A VIOLENT PERSON BUT IF THE TIME WARNER REP WERE TO KNOCK ON MY DOOR...THEY'D ONLY HAVE A FEW SECONDS TO LIVE.

My mother is very fond of saying, 'why can't people just do what they are paid to do?' I have to agree with her. I'm not asking for serious tech support - I need the email addy I received when I signed up TEN YEARS AGO. Is this rocket science?


Am I trying to solve world hunger?



I'm now talking to the fifth person...who probably can't help me. He sounds like he's nine.

(whistling as he pulls up my account)

Not sure what I might wear this Saturday either. Its going to be hot and humid...

What does my operating system HAVE TO DO WITH MY EMAIL???

Fuck, I'm on hold again.

(nose picking)

Sweet Mary and Joseph....I have my email addy. Please dear Goddess - let me remember my password or they may ask for my blood type and a genetic sample before they'd give me a new one...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Maddie Update!

Thanks to everyone who sent me well wishes about my dog, Maddie. She's doing well and getting stronger every day. Yesterday her staples were removed with nary a whimper and she's now happily scratching her back across the living room floor.

Her hind legs are still weak and she jacknifes herself from time to time. But her balance is improving and she's getting around much better. I still don't let her near the steps which annoys her but I don't want to take a chance on her reinjuring herself either.

More later!