Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Musical Commentary

Recently I discovered that my cable service has The Best channel EVAH! It is VH1 Classic. They play tons of videos that were big when I was a teen and completely addicted to MTV. This morning I spent several hours chuckling over the polyester stretch pants and way big hair.

Ah, fond memories.

While enjoying this blast from my past, I came up with a few comments that I'd like to share.

Van Halen - the moment David Lee Roth left they blew chunks.

Ann and Nancy Wilson from Heart have two of the most beautiful voices in music

The Police - after they broke up Sting had a few moments of brilliance then lost his mind and musical way

Eddie Van Halen wasn't nearly as hot as I remembered.

Warrant was one of the worst hair hands there was.

Michael Jackson was stupidly talented

U2 rocked both then and now!

Eric Clapton is one of the best guitar players in the history of recorded music

AC/DC was the BOMB both with and without Bon Scott

Metallica turned the Heavy Metal world on its ear when they made their arrival

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is still incredibly HOT!

Why the Pet Shop Boys did a song called 'West End Girls' when it was pretty obvious they had little to no interest in women is beyond me...

Twisted Sister was one ugly band

Iron Maiden - how did they play music with all that hair?

Poison - no thanks - did nothing for me both then and now

REM was THE BAND then they went commercial in the nineties

I just loved Pop Up Video - it was fab.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Where does the time go??

I could've sworn I posted a blog last week. Normally I try to post two or three. Somehow, in the depths of my scary brain, I managed to miss almost two weeks of potential blog-time. How does that happen??

I was going through some old photos and thought I'd post something pretty. The fall colors around here have been bad thanks to the drought. I took this photo seven years ago and I think it's pretty.
I absolutely love the scent of drying leaves. Reminds me of pumpkin pies, hot chocolate and the scent of snow.