Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Apple is FROZEN!

I'm not sure I've ever been as cold in my life as I've been here in NY. All this cement makes everything feel 10x colder than it really is I guess.

On Sunday I went to check out the show Young Frankenstein and it was fabulous. Roger Bart (The psycho pharmacist from Desperate Housewives) played the lead and he was brilliant. Megan Mullaly (Will & Grace) was the fiancee and she was hilarious. Originally I had seats in the back of the orchestra section and when I got there, they moved me up to the 3rd row on the aisle. It was an amazing seat. I was so close that when they danced, I could feel every footfall. Since I love the movie, the musical was brilliant.

Last night we went out to Perdilla - this is the restaurant owned by Harold Diedrich, the first winner of Top Chef. I cannot tell you how good this meal was. It ranks up there in the top five for me. If you're in New York - GO! Just make sure you call ahead and get a reservation. After dinner I was privledged to meet the Chef and chat with him a few minutes. I was just in awe - cooking is such an art and while I love it, I could never be a cook of even half his calibre.

Tonight I'm off to see RENT, my all time fave musical...well, okay...one of them. I adore so many of them - but with Rent I know all of the lines, lyrics etc. Yes, it's just that good.