Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Drama in the Wilder Household

Ugh - where do I begin? Last Thursday Maddie, my dog, was limping a bit and generally acting slow. I put it down to possible arthritis and gave her some aspirin. (baby aspirin, no more than 1 per 12 hours!)

At 1:30 on Friday morning she woke me up in obvious pain. I grabbed the dog and ran across town to the 24 hour vet hospital. Within minutes they diagnosed her as having a possible ruptured or herniated disk.


They wanted to run some tests to make sure what was going on and see if she needed surgery. So I had to leave her there...sniff. I stopped by the desk on the way out and they wanted a deposit...of $2200.00!!! YIKES.

Now you tell me, who has that kind of money just lying around, especially in the middle of the night. I couldn't just give them a check the next day, they wanted it immediately or they wouldn't touch her.

I guess a person's word isn't worth much these days.

So I had to break out a credit card and make the downpayment. The next morning they called and yes...she needed surgery. And the pricetag? $3500.00.

I know...some of you are going to say I'm nuts - maybe I am, but I couldn't give up on my girl. She's only nine years old and that girl and I have been through hell together. She's travelled with me all over the U.S. and we did Katrina work for many months on end. She's more than just a dog to me.

Hey! Isn't that a commercial?

Anyway - my baby is home and she's recuperating well. Her back legs are weak - they had to move her spinal column during the surgery so it was bruised. She's been home almost 2 days now and i can see a big difference in her.

Recovery will be slow and long - about a month of being confined - so I've moved my office onto the first floor with my girl.

More later