Wednesday, May 14, 2008

13 Signs You're a 'Deadliest Catch' Fanatic

13 Signs You're a Deadliest Catch Fanatic

13. You hear the DC theme and your heart beats just a little faster.
12. You catch yourself building a crab pot using only old fencing and duct tape.
11. You then find yourself trying to toss said homemade crab pot into your tub and catch Red Gold, baby!
10. Your pajamas have a photo of the Northwestern across the chest.
9. You name your kids Edgar, Russell, Johnathan and Maverick.
8. Your favorite game is pin the cigarette in Phil's mouth.
7. You wake up screaming, 'Shut up and fish!'
6. You think wearing an orange slicker is the latest in fashion statements.
5. At your wedding, the song for your first dance is Bon Jovi's Dead or Alive.
4. While on the treadmill you listen to the DC soundtrack.
3. All your friends and family know not to call you when DC is on or you'll 'show them there's only one captain on this ship.'
2. You keep hoping that in your next life you'll come back as a horse so Andy can 'whisper' to you.
1. You are arrested in the local grocery store for feeling up the frozen crab while screaming, "big, big, big, big, big, big."

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James Frey....Fried....

I'm BACK and feelin' SNARKY!

In a recent Galley Cat Feed, author (koff....fraud....koff) James Frey announced that he 'feared and loathed' the press and wouldn't be doing any any other interviews.

Wait a minute - wasn't this revealed in an INTERVIEW? According to the article, his publisher asked him to do more press and he did this one I guess he was just following orders?

I've got news for Mr. Fried - if an author isn't willing to do something to promote their work, then they aren't serious about their craft. Doing the promotional work involved with writing is every author's least favorite part. Let's face it, our job forces us to be solitary creatures - does anyone think we want to be shoved out the front door in our panties?

Uh, no.

IMO, his 'fear and loathing' of the press is due to the fact that he lied and was outted by the press. He needs to put on his Big Boy Panties and face the mess he created instead of making lame excuses.

Karma can be a real bitch...and I just love her.