Friday, August 03, 2007


I spent the past week on the road which is something I just love to do. I cannot get enough traveling in each year and I can only wish someone would finally invent a teleport device. I'd be zipping everywhere!

As a passionate lover of American Heavy Metal, I have a big love for hot cars. When I was in high school I would date the boy with the hottest car rather than the best personality. Shallow? Yes, but a girl has to have her standards. :)

One of my current loves is the Ford Mustang. When I was a child my father had a midnight blue convertable with white interior. SUH-WEEEEET! I begged him to let me have the car when I turned sixteen and it didn't happen. He sold it. Later on he told me he would've kept it had he known how much of a collectors item it would become.


My family had a long affair with the volkswagon. In the early seventies we had every model they made, the beetle, super beetle, hatchback and stationwagon. I was always fascinated by the fact they could float like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Another car I adore is the Thunderbird. I like the originals and the new ones though unfortunately they have stopped making them. (sniff) That was going to be my mid-life crisis car but I'm thinking I might swing back to the Mustang.

In the mid-ninties I purchased a Chevy pickup truck. I loved that truck - it was fab. I am big into gardening and having that truck bed to haul around my purchases is so incredibly handy. I'm thinking I may purchase a pickup for my next car.

Currently I have a Jeep and I adore that car. It is a Liberty 4x4 and its a tough little thing. I drove all around the Gulf Coast doing the Katrina thing and it never let me down. Seeing that I practically lived in the thing for several months, that is something. :)

So what is your fantasy car?