Sunday, February 22, 2009

Men of SWAT

It's past time for a Men of SWAT update. I've picked up the series again and I'm working on a sexy short that has no name as of yet. This will be Ro's story (Miranda's sister) and it will be a rockin' good time. I anticipate it will be out in late summer or early fall so stay tuned for the details!

PS - I'm so glad to be working on this series again - I do so love those boys in blue. :)

Latest Shadow Dweller News

I've been receiving a flood of emails asking about my Shadow Dweller series so I thought I'd answer here.

Currently, only the first two of the six titles are now available. One With The Hunger and Retribution. I received the rights back to the other four titles in October. Once I find them a home, I will be continuing the series. Not only is Renault's book (yumEE) still in the wings, there's also the Shadow Hunter series still crowding my head.

By mid-April I whould have a solid plan in place so stay tuned!