Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Grinch-a-polooza Time!

Tired of the holidays? Are you ready to strangle the next person who says 'Happy Holidays' to you? Do you secretly dream of capturing Santa and putting him to work cleaning out your garage?

If you answered yes to any of these questions - Come join J.C. Wilder and Friends at the Annual Grinch-a-polooza chat event!


The fun begins at 6pm EST on December 24th. So grab a cup (or bottle) of your favorite libation, don your ugliest Christmas sweater and break out the matches - It's Grinch time...

Monday, December 22, 2008


eBook Piracy

From the moment eBooks were created, pirates have reared their fat, ugly heads. They distribute our books for free without a single thought given to the fact that authors work hard to create their novels and should be rewarded for that hard work - not ripped off because its the easy thing to do.

In the past two weeks, several people have emailed me to let me know various people are giving away my books. One intrepid soul was giving away six of my novels.


Over three years worth of work given away to anyone who happened to find their website. One pirate had a copy of my brand new release, Seducing Jane Porter, up for grabs and it had been downloaded 167 times. That is approximately $140.00 out of my pocket.

Seeing that is only ONE pirate, can you image how much authors are losing each and every day? If the pirate who had six of my novels up for grabs were to give away 167 copies of each one - that is 840.00 out of my pocket. That's enough to pay for my health insurance for two months...it would make my car payment plus insurance for two months...two months of groceries...

And thats only two pirates out of tens of thousands. The worst part is when you find one pirate they are usually linked to others...and those are linked to more pirates...it doesn't end.

Looking at those kinds of numbers I have to wonder why I even bother to write. If readers are going to download my work for free, why even do it? I can just get a full time job with benefits and not have to worry about being ripped off. If I'm going to be disrespected then at least I should get health insurance out of it.

I love books...I love reading...I love writing...and to have readers steal my work is the ultimate slap in the face. What happens to readers when authors stop writing and there's nothing left to read?

Stop ebook piracy now. You're hurting the very same people who create that which you adore. Is it worth saving 5.00 knowing you're taking payment away from someone whose work you admire? Those who put time and energy into creating the books we all love are being hurt and its time to stop the bleeding before more of us walk away from doing what we love the most.

Save an author, buy an eBook.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tis the season of plenty...

We are a country drowning in commercialism. Everywhere you turn someone vies to get into your pockets and liberate you from your cash. Buy, buy, buy...more, more, more...bigger, bigger, bigger...

The holidays are here and you're about to receive more stuff than you will ever need, want or desire. Sheets that you will tuck away and find a year later only to realize you never used them. Clothing that isn't your style, the wrong color, the wrong fit - etc. Do you really need one more sweater? One more pair of shoes? One more jacket? More bath towels?

I know I don't.

This past year I've been redoing my bedroom and today I walked in there to realize I had as much if not more stuff in that room than when I started. Over the year I've purchased more bits and pieces - clothing, shoes, linens etc - and somehow all of it ended up in the one empty room in the house. The same room where I labored to paint the walls and celiling - the same room I need to somehow squeeze my queen sized bed into. At this point there is no way I can move back into my freshly painted room - I have no space!

Whats up with that?

It's time to seriously downsize. I've been in give-away mode most of the year. I've donated about 30 garbage bags of clothing, linens, curtains, sheets etc and I easily have that much more to give. I have 7 sets of sheets and I only use three of them so why am I keeping them?

So today I began seriously downsizing. My rules are:
-haven't worn it in the last six months - it goes
-don't like it - it goes
-have ten of them - at least 1/2 goes
-no more room - it goes

There are millions of people out of work and struggling to keep a roof over their heads. Millions who go hungry...who are homeless...who can't get a job because they don't have clean clothing...

You get the picture.

This year, why don't you give something you don't use to someone who who will? So, go look in your closet - what are you going to donate to charity today?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Manly Monday

Mmmmm......I'll take two. :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Defining Art

At what point does art become craft? (Craft as in something you can do in your sleep such as painting a wall or using caligraphy on an envelope)

Warhol is considered one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century yet I have to wonder if he were to create the Cambell's soup can today if they would laugh him out of the art world. Let's face it, he didn't design the label - all he did was copy something that already existed and he didn't add any of himself to it. There are no changes, no interpretation of what he saw when he looked at a can - it is no different than a photograph.

So is it art because he painted it?
IMO, very little of Warhol's 'art' was something of his creation. He took images of the day and painted them - sometimes in colors different from the original but sometimes they were the like this soup can. He would also do custom colors - such as the soup can in blue - which someone would request because their living room was blue.
Where does art end...and craft begin?

In my mind, art is something you pour yourself into. Your art could be baking, gardening, decorating, writing, raising children, painting - whatever it is that turns you on. It's what gets you up in the morning and it burns bright in your body. It is the one thing you are willing to sacrifice everything else for.

So was Andy Warhol an artist? Yes...but I still think it's just a soup can. :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

WLW - Here we go again!

Yes, it's Wednesday again. Boy time flies when you're HUNGRY. :) Just kidding.

This time of year is the hardest to keep yourself on the straight and narrow. Knowing this I set myself the goal of losing 15 pounds between Nov 26 and December 31. It roughly averages .5 pounds per day and yes, its been rough...but doable.

So far I've lost 7.8 pounds of my 15 - WOOT!

The most frustrating part is not seeing results. For a smaller person, losing 10 pounds is a dress size. For me, at my size, its more like 30 is a dress size. So I work and work and don't see a difference. Yes, I realize I will see one, but it would be nice to pull on a pair of pants and go..Hmm...these are a little loose. It hasn't happened yet - but it will. :)

How did your week go?

Monday, December 08, 2008

Santa's Younger Brother

Holy smokes...

Sunday, December 07, 2008


Saturday, December 06, 2008

RWA - Same old song and dance...

Recently the Romance Writers of America (www.rwanational.org) announced rule changes for their most coveted award...the RITA. The rule change is this, all books entered must be published by a non-vanity (author didn't self-publish), non-subsidy (author did not financially assist in said publishing) and the book must be mass-produced.

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the definition of mass-produced is: to produce in quantity usually by machinery.

Personally I don't care that they threw in the 'mass-produced' qualification - my issue is that once again, RWA is using non-quantitative terms for a rule that clearly has an undisclosed quantity attached. What is RWA's definition of mass-produced?

I've heard the random sum of a minimum print run of 500 books being bandied about. Okay - if that is the rule they are using, why not just fess up? Print it and there can be No Question as to the number of books produced at one time (ie mass-produced) rather then forcing the publishers to 'hope' they meet the mark?

After this declaration came out I spoke to management of some of the small presses, the same publishing houses that would possibly be excluded with this ruling, and this is what they told me:

- RWA has requested copies of distribution agreements - distribution agreements are the contracts between publishing houses and distributors like Ingrams and Baker & Taylor. In most cases, these contracts are confidential.

- They have also requested sales records - once again, proprietary information.

- They have also requested copies of discount schedules - I believe these are the discount levels given for either purchase amounts (meaning if Ingrams purchases 1000 copies they receive X amount off or if they purchase 5000 copies they receive xy) once again, this information is confidential and different for every publisher.


For those of us old broads, doesn't this smack of the nonsense that went on in 2000 and 2001? Back then it was the discussion of what constituted a published book - the first number was 1500 copies sold (in which RWA requested sales records and distribution agreements - see above) and then it was magically changed to 5000 copies sold.

What is it with RWA that they feel they should be privy to information that no publisher would ever think of turning over to them? If a publisher were to give them a copy of the distribution agreement (which is negotiated with each publisher) it is well within the distributors right to either sue or negate the contract. So basically RWA is asking the small presses to put their professional relationships on the line in order to enter a contest that most readers don't know about anyway.

Uh...how about no?

A message to RWA:

When are you going to become inclusive rather than exclusive? Over the years the board has wasted a great deal of time (and money) coming up with rules that are ultimately thrown out or altered later when they realize the error of their ways.

If 500 mass-produced books is the magical, unwritten target - what is to stop a POD publisher from ordering 500 copies of each title for authors who want to enter the RITA?

If the publishers buy a super-fancy copier that can bind books and they create 500 books at one time - don't they qualify?

I am so deathly sick and tired, tired and sick, weak and weary of all the crap the board comes up with to try and keep 'those books' out of the reindeer games. At this point I honestly have to ask myself - what are they afraid of? Are they scared that a small press title will win the RITA and then (gasp) all sorts of small press authors will want to enter?

I've got news for you - a small press book already finaled in the RITAs years ago - Oracle from Lionhearted Publishing - a publisher that would not be allowed to enter today...

RWA's attitude toward small presses is so 1970's - are they ever going to see the error of their ways and quit trying to disenfranchise a growing segment of their membership.

Or maybe the bigger question is, when are the small press authors going to wise up and tell RWA to piss off instead of getting their panties in a twist over a ruling that will have no impact on their careers?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

I'm Bloggin'

Come on over to:


Wednesday, December 03, 2008

WLW - Just keeps getting better and better!

Yes, it's scale time - I've lost (drumroll) 3.8 lbs this week. WOOT!

Of course I want a Snickers to celebrate. :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

WLW - Victory is mine!

Greetings Readers - yes, it's Wednesday again. I know it's painful and I feel for you. So put down your Snickers bar and strip down to your bare skin - it's scale time. Since I started up WLW again, I've lost a total of six pounds.

Well - I think it should be 6.2 pounds because I was wearing my socks on the scale. :)

It's been a struggle - no lying here. And we're heading into the most calorie laden time of the year. Some of my tricks to keep my butt from taking over my zip code are:
- Water, it's all about the water. The more you drink, the more you'll lose. It keeps you hydrated and it helps you to feel full sooner.
- Going to a friend's for dinner? Volunteer to bring a fruit or veggie plate.
- Don't deprive yourself. I'm not a fan of stuffing so I'm safe there, but I do love mashed potatoes and gravy. My trick is to take a smaller portion and for every bite of that decadent dish, take two bites of veggies and big water.
- Desserts - did you know pumpkin pie has the least amount of calories of all pies? 1/8 of a pie sans whipped cream, is about 300 calories. Light whipped cream (in a moderate amount!) can add 25 - 50 extra calories.
- Snacking - think raw and avoid processed. Veggies w/ cream cheese are tasty and filling.

What are your strategies for watching the calories?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

WLW: Where I Am Now

The Numbers - 6 :)

Yes ma'am - I've lost a total of six pounds and let me say, each pound has been a struggle. I admit, I'm having a really difficult time just keeping myself on my program. I accept full responsibility for what I put in my mouth - and I realize that willpower alone will accomplish nothing - but I feel like every meal is an uphill battle lately.

What's really frustrating for me is that in general, I eat pretty healthy. I love veggies, salad, fruit and while I have a weakness for carbs, it's already ingrained in me to eat the bulk of my carbs by lunchtime. I just seem to be HUNGRY all the time! GRRR....

I am an emotional eater and it doesn't help that it is abnormally cold here in Ohio. I have a tendency to hibernate when the weather is really cold so I'm fighting against staying inside and being warm and getting my chubby butt outside in the cold for some exercise. Lame excuse - I know. The good news is that I have been hitting the pool three times a week and that is helping out a lot.

So my goal for the week is get back on track, stay on track and have a good week. What's your goal?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My blog has won an award!

The oh-so-fabulous Tilly Greene has nominated my blog - this very page that you're reading, for the I heart your blog award. The award originated from The Romance Studio - Tilly won then nominated me.
Thanks, doll!
Okay so the things I'm suppose to do are:
Add the logo of your award to your blog - There it is, all nice and shiny
Add a link to the person who awarded it to you - She's up above.
Nominate at least 7 other blogs - its going to be tough!
Add links to those blogs on your blog - I can do that.
Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs - I can do that too - I love to hit blogs and add comments. :)
My Nominees:
http://www.smartbitchestrashybooks.com/ - You can't love romance and not appreciate these bitch-divas.
http://www.goodbadandunread.com/ - I'm always looking for something good to read.
http://www.karenknowsbest.com/ - Love her or hate her, she always tells it like it is.
http://www.dearauthor.com/ - book reviews and more
http://ladiesoftheclub.blogspot.com/ - a group of wildly talented authors who share their work and their lives.
http://projectrungay.blogspot.com/ - I loves me some Tom and Lorenzo - that are just FAB.
http://www.topmodelgossip.com/ - I can't help it, I'm an Americas Next Top Model Junkie

Monday, November 17, 2008

Corporate Bad Guys

This story began earlier in the year when Amazon demanded a deeper discount from some publisher's than is the norm which is 50%. This time around it is Hachette Publishing - a larger publisher in the UK.
The publisher’s chief executive, Tim Hely Hutchinson, sent a defiant letter to many of his authors explaining the “oddities” of vanishing buy buttons. The online retailer, he said, was demanding a bigger slice. Publishers traditionally sell books to retailers at a discount off the recommended retail price, but Amazon was demanding more than its existing 50 percent.
The dispute with Hachette is not the first in which Amazon has resorted to removing the “buy now” buttons for certain books. In the spring it started disabling the icons for some small publishers in the United States that resisted Amazon’s demand that they use an Amazon-owned company, BookSurge, for print-on-demand services. Amazon is the dominant seller of such titles.
I used to love Amazon when it was the new kid on the block. They were so cutting edge and offered the best discounts...then they turned into a corporate monolith intent upon screwing those of whom their income is dependent. As an author, I applaud Hachette for standing up to the suck-tastic bully that Amazon has become.
Amazon - you suck.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Book Recommendation: Hot, Wicked and Wild: Desiree Holt

Blurb: Tracie Hill is having a bad day. Her boss has sold the investment company to a much larger corporation, a new boss with a reputation as a tyrant is arriving tomorrow morning, and she's just torn her last pair of pantyhose. As she's stripping them off to toss in the trash, she sees the most gorgeous man ever standing in her doorway. Then the power goes out, locking them inside.

It is a wild beginning for Tracie and sexy Pete Montgomery, but as they move in together and he introduces her to the erotic delights of a BDSM relationship and the excitement of an occasional ménage, she learns what she's been missing all these years. It isn't, however, until she accompanies Pete to a secluded island in the Caribbean, to a house party where the theme is "anything goes" that she learns just how uninhibited she can be. And whether Pete will finally claim her as his forever.

She looked at him helplessly.
Then he burst out laughing.
“I’m glad you think this is so funny,” she spat at him.
“It’s priceless, is what it is.” He took off his blue blazer and dropped it and his tie on an armchair. “Do you know how many men would love to be marooned like this with a gorgeous female?”
Gorgeous? He thought she was gorgeous?
“I beg your pardon?”
“You heard me.” He moved closer to her.
She backed up until the desk hit her ass. “W-What do you have in mind?”
He flashed his wicked grin at her. “Well, let’s see. It appears we’re liable to be here for a while so we need to do something to pass the time.”
“Pass the time?” She sounded like a parrot.
“Mm-hmm. I’m not much of a card player. Chess, maybe but only an idiot would waste time alone with a beautiful woman playing chess.” He rubbed his jaw. “There’s always word games.”
She stared at him as if he’d lost his mind. “You want to play word games?”
“Nope. I want to do this.” He was right up against her, his obviously swollen cock pressing into her belly, his face not more than an inch from hers. Then his arms came around her, pulling her tight against him and his mouth came down on hers.
Too shocked to even move, she opened her mouth to protest and his tongue swept in like a marauding bandit, tasting, touching stroking the lining of her mouth. His hands slid down to her ass, gripping it and pulling her closer. She couldn’t believe her own hands actually crept around his neck and her fingers threaded through his hair. This was a kiss beyond belief. He tasted of mint and fresh air and smelled of something delightfully spicy.
I’m kissing a man and I don’t even know who he is. My god! Well, wasn’t this her fantasy? Hadn’t she dreamed of this after the last fiasco with Rex? Meeting a gorgeous, sexy man, totally unknown and having wild, uncontrollable sex with him?
She pulled her head away a fraction. He hadn’t given her much room to maneuver.
“I don’t even know your name,” she gasped.
He flashed his magic grin. “Pete. Just call me Pete.”
“Tracie.” She was surprised she could even get out the word.
“What?” He stared at her with those hot emerald eyes, his face co close she could count his eyelashes. “What did you say?”
“Tracie,” she gasped. “My name is Tracie.”
“Oh. Well. Hi, Tracie, nice to meet you.”
Then his mouth came down on hers again, his tongue invading the inside of her mouth like a candle lighting the sensitive tissues and she felt herself melting again. What was left of her brain kicked in and she found the strength to pull back from him. She tried to push him away but he held her too close for any movement. His hands moved up and down her back, creating friction under the cloth of her dress.
“We can’t do this.” Her breath fell in uneven pants as she pushed at his chest again.
“I don’t know why not. Here we are, trapped in these offices, no idea when we’ll get out of this place. I’ve had a hard-on since the minute I laid eyes on you. And if the way you returned that kiss is any indication, you don’t exactly find me unappealing.”
“B-But we don’t even know each other.”
“Sure we do,” he grinned. “We just introduced ourselves. And we’re about to get to know each other a whole lot better. Right?”
While they were talking, he slid one hand down over her hip and ever so lightly eased up her skirt until his palm touched bare flesh.
Tracie jerked. What the hell does he think he’s doing?
“Touching that ass that looked so appealing when you were doing your mini-strip tease before.” He grinned at her.
She hadn’t realized she’d spoken aloud and her face flooded with embarrassment. But she couldn’t make herself move away from him. His hand was like a burning coal on her ass, leaving traces of fire wherever he touched. Her mind shrieked Stop! but her body said, Don’t stop, you damn fool.
Pete dropped his mouth to her shoulders and began biting gently at the place where her neck and shoulder met. She felt liquid begin to seep from her body and wished she had panties on to absorb the moisture. This was nuts! She was creaming over a man she’d known for five minutes and letting him feel her bare ass.
And loving it! His presence somehow surrounded her and his male essence drugged her, put her off guard. All she had to do was look at him and she was wet, soaking, dripping.
“I… We… That is…” She couldn’t figure out what to say. He made her mind foggy with just the lightest of touches.
“Look at it this way.” He was still nipping her shoulder, sending feathers of sensation skittering along her spine. “Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to have hot, sweaty sex with a stranger? Someone you didn’t even know but who made you hotter than a burning log? Someone you could do anything with because you didn’t think you’d ever have to face them again?”

Monday, November 03, 2008

Hero: Lucy Burns

Lucy Burns was a pivotal figure in the National Woman's Party. With her distinctive flame red hair, she is characterized as charming and a firebrand - she was crucial in supporting Alice Paul (the figurehead of the NWP) in the fight for the right to vote.

Born in Brooklyn, she attended Vassar College, Yale, Oxford and the University of Berlin in Germany. While at Oxford, Burns witnessed the British suffragist movement which was far more militant than the American movement.

In 1909, Burns became an activist and she perfected the art of street speaking. During her work for the Women's Social and Political Union, she was arrested multiple times and imprisoned four times.

Burns met Alice Paul in a London police station after both were arrested during a suffrage demonstration outside Parliament (London). Their alliance was powerful and ultimately changed our nation forever.

Burns returned to the US in 1912 (Paul in 1910) and they began to work with the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) as leaders of its Congressional Committee. In April 1913 they founded the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage (CU), which later evolved into the NWP. Burns organized campaigns in the western states (1914, 1916), served as NWP legislative chairman in Washington, D.C., and, beginning in April 1914, edited the organization's weekly journal, The Suffragist .

Burns was a driving force behind the picketing of President Woodrow Wilson's administration in Washington, D.C. in early 1917. Six months later, she and other NWP members erected banners outside the White House declaring that America was not a free democracy as long as women were denied the vote. Later that month, Burns (and others) were arrested for obstructing traffic.

Burns was arrested and imprisoned six times during this time. She declared suffragists were political prisoners and she was among those in the Occoquan Workhouse who instigated hunger strikes in October 1917. Ultimately they were placed in solitary confinement.

She was jailed again while protesting the treatment of the imprisoned Alice Paul, Burns and others joined Paul and others in another round of Occoquan hunger strikes. Burns was present in Occoquan for what became known as the “Night of Terror” on November 15, 1917, during which she was beaten and handcuffed with her arms above her head in her cell. Brutal force feedings followed and the public outcry ultimately forced the President to release all of the suffragist from the workhouse.

After her release, Burns commenced nationwide speaking tours. After the success of the 19th amendment granting women the right to vote, Burns retired from public campaigns and spent the rest of her life working with the Catholic Church.

JC's Comment - Who said civil disobedience was a bad thing? If it wasn't for the NWP and their willingness to be arrested for their convictions - how long would women have had to wait for the right to vote? The suffragist movement began before the Civil War and the woman who'd started it all - Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were long dead.

Sometimes you have to be willing to take one for the team in order to accomplish what is best for many others. I think we forget that when it becomes crunch time.

Go, Vote.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Michael Moore - Free movie!

Michael Moore has released his new movie online for FREE. Yes, free. You can download the entire movie here: http://slackeruprising.com/

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Guest Blogger: Mechele Armstrong

Title: Getting it right

It used to be to research things, you had to find a book and read it. Go talk to an expert on the subject. Read journals and papers.

Now we have Google. And Yahoo and several other Internet search engines that provide a myriad of results on a variety of subjects. We have International Movie Database (a show biz roster of who’s who and what’s what), many question and answer forums, and Wikipedia. And there are still books and experts out there to read and write to. Email makes conversations with experts even easier when you can jot off something to someone a half a world away.

When I write something, either set in a place I don’t know as well as I know where I live or in a different time period, I’m terrified I’m going to get something wrong. And unfortunately, I did get something wrong. I didn’t double check a fact and…busted, though it’s now fixed.
It taught me the importance of checking about three times from several different sources whatever I research.

But oddly enough, I’m not the only one who gets things wrong. I was amazed that Night at the Museum has a few facts wrong. The little monkey, for example, was in the wrong exhibit. He’s a Capuchin but is in the African Wing. Capuchins live in South America. I was quite shocked to find that out, especially as the museum is based on the Museum of Natural History in New York City.
But them I remember my mistake. And how we are all human. My father used to say, "Nobody’s perfect. That’s why they put erasers on pencils." And he was right. We all do slip up from time to time.

But, with all the resources available, I really don’t want to screw up a factoid in my books. I definitely try to minimize my errors.

A few my favorite links to research:
http://www.squidge.org/~minotaur/classic/eroc.html (guide for writing slash fanfiction *not work safe*)

Feel free to list any good reference sites in comments.

I usually try and verify facts with a number of different sites. And read a book if I can on the subject. There is a lot of misinformation on the Internet.

A good rule of thumb to follow: Check your sources. Check your facts. And most of all, try to get it as right as you can.

Mechele Armstrong aka Lany of Melany Logen

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Paperback Release!

Winter's Daughter is now available in Trade Paperback. I am OVER the moon.

Latest Reviews for Winter's Daughter

"I can not wait for the rest of the Coven series. It is an absolute keeper!" Enchanting Reviews

"I read Winter's Daughter one Saturday, totally ignoring everything around me. Engaging, gripping, and page-turning are a few terms I would use to describe Matt and Syn and their path to the truth and lasting love. I will be keeping a close eye on Ms. Wilder's site to see when the next sister's book is going to come out. For all of these reasons and some I can't seem to put words to, I Joyfully Recommend Winter's Daughter." - Joyfully Reviewed

"Winter's Daughter is an excellent tale that is well balanced and one of those rare finds that you will want to revisit again." eMuse Mag

"The depths of J.C. Wilder's story drew me in immediately. Her characters walked right off the page and engaged me, as real as any person I know. Intrigue, magic, romance--Winter's Daughter captivated me and left me wanting more." ~Cheyenne McCray, USA Today bestselling author of SEDUCED BY MAGIC

"If you buy no other book this month you have to get this one" - Fallen Angel Reviews, Recommended Read

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hero: Inez Milholland-Boissevain

Inez Milholland-Boissevain (1886-1916) was born a child of privlege in 1886. The daughter of John Milholland, a newspaper editorialist and a reformer with the NAACP. She graduated from Vassar in 1909 and earned her law degree from New York University - a very gutsy move for a young woman in the early twentieth century.

After college, Inez joined a Greenwich Village group of progressives and socialists who created The Masses - the first magazine to fuse radical art, political commentary and graphic satire. She also protested the US entering into WWI, going so far as to travel to Europe to spread her message.
After meeting Alice Paul, Inez was recruited to join NAWSA Congressional Committee's. She soon revealed a powerful ability to move crowds at rallies on behalf of the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage (CU).

In 1913, Inez led the first woman's sufferage parade in Washington DC on the same day Woodrow Wilson was sworn into office. Dressed as a warrior on a white horse, Inez became the icon of the sufferagist movement.
By 1916 Milholland had become one of the highest-profile leaders of the CU. She traveled all over the US making speeches, gathering women to join the cause. Despite warnings from her physician she persisted in touring despite pronounced ill health. While speaking in Los Angeles, Inez collapsed at the podium while delivering a suffrage speech. She was rushed to the hospital and, despite treatment for pernicious anemia, she died weeks later on November 25, 1916.
Her dedication, iconic idealism, and tragic death made her a martyr of the suffrage movement. Her last public words were, “Mr. President, how long must women wait for liberty?”
In January 1917, Woodrow Wilson spurned a delegation that attempted to present him with resolutions crafted in Milholland's honor. The National Women's Party (formerly the Congressional Union) changed tactics from a focus on lobbying to more direct action. Within days the NWP began a new campaign of picketing the White House and three and half years later, women received the right to vote.

Those we honor...

Next Tuesday is election day. It is on that day that we, as citizens of the United States, have a chance to have input into our government. It was only 88 years ago that women, after many years of sacrifice by thousands of women, received the right to vote.

88 years.

That really isn't that long ago. And if you think about it, it's only been 31 years since the Equal Rights Amendment was passed. Remember the ERA? The amendment that was added to the constitution stating women should be paid and treated as equals to men. Its such an antiquated idea in my mind that people would presume that because we have breasts that we must not have brains...or ability....or talent.

It wasn't that long ago John McCain was quoted as saying the reason women don't make the same amount of money as men is that we don't have the training to do so...

Screw you McCain - bet mine is bigger than yours.

So anyway - in an effort to honor those who fought for the right, nay, obligation to vote, I'm going to post a few profiles of the women who put their lives on the line to stand up and demand democracy for citizens of this country. These are my heros.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ship goes down in the Bering Sea.

Four were rescued, five are dead and two are missing. I can't help but think of my friends fishing on the Bering Sea right now.


It's time to celebrate!!

Winter's Daughter will be released on Tuesday! To celebrate, I'm holding a free-for-all on my chat list, The Wilder Side. Post a message from now until Tuesday and you will be entered into a drawing for a free paperback or ebook.

New drawings every day!

Run, don't walk to join the fun!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WLW - Victory is MINE!

Yes, it's that time again. Time to hop on the bathroom scales and wish you'd weighed yourself before chugging a 32 ounce glass of water. The bill is now due for that one little cookie you snitched from your kid's lunch.

No, I haven't been looking in your windows. LOL!

My total for the week is...two pounds. Yes, I actually LOST this week. LOL. I wish it had been more but then again, I always wish it was more. I have to admit that I haven't been on my best behavior either so I'll take my two pounds and run with it.

Some of you have emailed me to ask what I'm doing to lose weight and my answer is simple - eat well and exercise. I know - not nearly as exciting as you'd hoped...but there it is.

Exercise - I have some physical limitations that prohibit me from doing standard exercises. Thanks to my craptastic knees, I can't run (wouldn't want to) and my walking is limited. So instead I go to the pool.

First off - I would live in the water if I could. It is the best thing you can do exercise if you have joint pain - the arthritis foundation recommends water aerobics.

I took a few classes then figured out I'm not a team player. So now I go to the gym (its pricey but you have to ask yourself - aren't you worth x number of dollars a year?) three days a week and I do my workout for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Basically my goal is to be in the water and move all of my limbs for that length of time without stopping.

According to my weight calculator (www.keyoe.com) it burns about 400 calories.

I think the trick to exercise is to find something you really enjoy that doesn't include having a couch strapped to your butt. I love to walk and years ago I would walk every morning. Now with my knee degenerating - if I walk then I pretty much have to take it easy the rest of the day. And if I overdo it, I run the risk of not being able to walk for a couple of days - so its the water for me.

How did you do this week?

Monday, October 20, 2008

And the award goes to...

For some reason, Maxim magazine has started sending me issues even though I've never read the mag nor requested it. Seeing that I'm female - that hasn't deterred them from wasting more trees in order to give me a good laugh.

Out of curiosity, I opened one and scanned the pages. It is a nice, glossy magazine that would appeal to the hormones of young men as its designed to do. Should it surprise me that every photo of a woman, with the exception of an unflattering Photo of Hillary Clinton - was naked or in lingerie?

Women on their backs with their legs in the air - high heels of course because no one could walk in those things so you'd have to be on your back in order to not fall off and get hurt - nude with only a towel - sexy tousled hair - noisy lipstick - sprawled on a bed - in lingerie stretched out on the floor - mouths open...you get the picture.

And they say romance is soft-core porn?

Any photo of a woman with clothing on was unflattering and usually an advertisement. One was a housewife in the cliched terry cloth robe, curlers in the hair, green face mask - next to a woman in lingerie.

On the other hand there were the men. All dressed in suits with women in skimpy night-out attire hanging on their arms...that's what draws us ya know. Suits and enough hair product to dent steel - that REALLY turns us on.

Men...you want to know how to impress the ladies? Read a romance novel - that will get you much farther than Maxim will.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Project Runway Finale

So, who watched the Project Runway finale and was bored stiff like me? I love, love, love that show but I found the runway shows to be a little...meh.

Let's start with Kenley. I admit, I'm not a Kenley fan and I do think she needs to go to charm school. If you look up the word RUDE you'll see her photo in the dictionary.

I thought her clothing was very costumey, overworked and 80's. Sorry Kenley, I lived through the 80's once and I'm not going back! Many of her fabrics were handpainted which is an interesting and creative concept - but several of them looked as if the model had fallen into a tub of tempra paint.

So what did I like from her collection?

The white dress with the swoosh of flowers was very Audrey Hepburn-esque. It looked as if it belonged on a 50's lady of the manor but I thought it was cute and fun.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

WLW: I'm not surprised!

For many months I put off resurrecting my Weight Loss Wednesdays because I had a secret fear that the moment I told people I was trying to resize my butt that I'd gain weight. So I started up the WLW last Weds and what happened...

I gained a pound.

LOL! The universe has a really sick sense of humor.

I have a tendency to be private about some things and weight loss in one of them. Seeing that I'm an emotional eater, I honestly don't know how I will do from one day to the next. I know - all you skinny people are thinking "well if she'd just step away from the donuts" but I'm here to tell you that it just doesn't work like that...and I'm not a fan of donuts. :)

Emotional eating stems from being unable to express your feelings. The reasons for this is as varied as snowflakes, child abuse, child neglect, domineering relationships, feeling ignored, low self esteem, alcoholism, drug abuse - you name it, someone is suffering from the inability to embrace and express their emotion side. Most obese people have some sort of issue that plays into their obesity - people don't just sit down one day and say wow, think I'll gain two hundred pounds - that will REALLY make me happy.

There are also medical reasons for obesity, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome has a side effect of obesity. There is something called Insulin Resistance which means that the body doesn't handle insulin properly so instead of burning calories it takes them and turns them into fat. Some hormonal imbalances can be a cause of obesity - the list goes on and on.

So anyway - emotional eaters stuff our feelings by stuffing our faces. Big calories = Big emotional relief. We've all heard the term Comfort Food - these foods are usually high in fat, sugar and carbs (mac & cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, ice cream, snickers) that the moment we ingest them we are assailed with feelings of safety, security, familiarity - you get the picture.

Unfortunately broccoli, carrots and rice cakes are not comfort foods!

So one of the reasons I don't discuss weight loss with friends is because inevitably I'll have a bad week and someone will say, "How's the weight loss coming?" I'll mumble something appropriately noncommittal but their innocent question only reinforced the fact that I've been slacking. Then I'll dwell on that...you get the picture. No, I won't rush out and molest a Krispy Kreme truck but I don't want the negative thought in my head. I know when I'm slacking and I don't need to be reminded! (Do I sound psychotic yet)

So there are two choices. I can continue the downward spiral of emotional eating (It's only a potato chip, I'll only eat one...then you wake up with salt on your face and chip crumbs in your bra) or I can say no, this isn't the path I want to go down.

The difference between those who fail to lose weight and those who succeed is...pay attention...this is a huge secret...those who succeed go back onto their plan after they screw up. Wow, who knew? They don't kick themselves and load up on McDonald's, they promise to do better and then they follow up by walking the walk. Kicking yourself for eating badly at lunch doesn't help you achieve your goal. It doesn't help how you feel about yourself and your body. Why are you beating up on yourself so much?

Let's face it - the cosmetic, weight loss and diet industry makes billions each year by making you hate the way you look. They put unrealistic images of beauty in front of you and promise that if you buy this then you can look like a prepubescent girl once again.

Not a wrinkle will mar your skin if you put sperm whale urine on your face.

Your husband will never leave you if you lose just ten more pounds...

Lose the love handles by spending 399.00 on Suzanne Somer's Love Handle Destroyer...

We can all look better with some effort, weight loss, exercise, eating right - but must we hate ourselves during the process? Not all of us were meant to look like Demi Moore. Hell, even Demi wouldn't look the way she does without tens of thousands of dollars in plastic surgery, personal trainers and chefs. So how about we take all of the self-hated the beauty industry heaps upon us and toss it out the window for a change?

No matter what you see in the mirror each morning, I think you're beautiful both inside and out.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


If you've been waiting to read the Shadow Dweller series - you can wait no longer! The last four titles: Tempt Not The Cat, Atonement, Sins of the Flesh and Tempation are going out of print as of Tuesday, October 21st!

You can find them here: http://www.ellorascave.com/AuthorsBooks.asp?AuthorCode=JCW

As of right now I don't have immediate plans for their rerelease. This is such a series of my heart and I'll come up with a plan before the end of the year. :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

SOUND OFF: Politics and Treason

According to Merriam Webster's Dictionary, treason is defined as:

Main Entry: trea·son

Middle English tresoun, from Anglo-French traisun, from Latin tradition-, traditio act of handing over, from tradere to hand over, betray — more at traitor
13th century
1 : the betrayal of a trust : treachery 2 : the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign's family

I was watching the news (can't help it I'm a news junkie) and I can't help but feeling that the Republican party (John McCain's camp in particular) is commiting treason upon the American people.

What has happened in the race for the White House is a complete and total betrayal of the American trust. Our economy is in the crapper, 1 in 489 homes is in foreclosure, the unemployment rate is increasing every passing day, we're a country at war, greed has toppled the global economy, people are losing their hard earned savings and these boneheads are running aroung inciting hatred and fear among Americans by spreading lies about the Obama camp.

Americans are calling Obama a terrorist because his middle name is Hussein. Uh...what? So I should fear anyone with the last name of Bundy or Dahmer because they just might be a serial killer because someone with their same NAME was a nutbag?

Come on people...my mother is 77 and can't remember to take her pills and even she didn't fall for that one.

Sarah Palin (who reminds me of that one bitchy cheerleader that made my life hell in high school - that smile is SO fake - she's the type to tell you that you look good in a skirt then tell everyone you have a fat ass) is running around saying that Obama can't be trusted while the Alaska Legislature found her liable for abuse of power. She allowed her husband to use the office and resources of the governor's office to coerce someone to fire her brother-in-law, a state trooper. And she says Obama can't be trusted?

McCain keeps saying that Obama is the one who doesn't have enough experience to be President...and he does? McCain is out of Washington more than he's in - he missed more than 400 votes so far this year - when is he going to do the job to which he was elected? Senator...pfft!

And Obama - running around digging up the Keeting Five on McCain? DUDE - he was not found guilty of any crime AND he apologized for associating with the wrong people. Get over it.

Joe Biden - I adore him. I wish he'd run for President. :)

When I hear Americans screaming 'Bomb Obama' and 'Terrorist' at political rallys it just makes me completely crazy. I grew up believing in my country - most of the men in my family fought for it, my father in two different wars - and now I'm sickened by what I'm seeing. We are not a county of radicals who believe violence is the answer - we are reasonable, intelligent, forward-thinking people and its almost as if someone has hijacked our sense of country and our pride.

Calling someone a terrorist or wanting them killed isn't a reflection of the country I love. The USA that I know and love rewards diversity and celebrates the differences in people. We enjoy a healthy debate and we work to be reasonable and try to walk in another's shoes - not call for violence when someone disagrees with what we happen to believe. That isn't being civilized, that's being a barbarian.

Negative campaigning is the norm and most of these candidates act like children who haven't been taught proper manners. Calling someone names, telling lies - aren't these offenses that we correct our children about?

I'll bet Bill Maher is having quite the laugh this evening...

Tell me how you feel! Where has our country gone?

P.S. - the government was caught redhanded recording the phone calls of American Troops to their families and passing around the 'phone sex' calls. Our country is spying on its soldiers? Does anyone else see the idiocy in this?

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Saturday Night Live

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Weight Loss Wednesday

Its time to get serious and face the music. My butt is so big...(how big is it)...it now requires its own zip code. :)

Seriously - I've been fighting the battle of the bulge since the day I was born. Its only in the past few years that I've come to understand why I am overweight and why I eat emotionally - more on this later.

But let's start from the beginning. In August of 07 I decided its time to take off the gloves. I've always been a haphazard dieter. Nother ever lasted more than a few weeks with the exception of Jenny Craig. I think the only reason that worked for me was because I was forced to invest Big Money to stay on the program. I lost about 72 pounds then gained all of it back plus 48 more.

The lesson learned? Diets don't work. There, I said it. That 700 million dollar industry that claims you can lose weight IF you use their product...is lying to you. If some pill really worked don't you think everyone would be all over it? That was a tough realization because I kept thinking that it was something *I* was doing wrong. Instead I forgot the prime rule of advertising - they want your money and they will lie to get it.

So would I say that Jenny Craig worked? Yes, using any calorie / fat restricting food plan will work BUT you have to do the homework and find out why you overeat. Simply resticting calories will cause you to lose weight, but you won't keep it off until you understand HOW you got there in the first place.

But before we go into that I want to share with you the life changes I've made to lose 27 pounds so far! :)

1 - Change of Attitude - Success starts with a healthy dose of 'I Can Do This'. There was a study done in the Netherlands which found the people who had the confidence in their ability to control their weight lost more than those who doubted themselves.
Be realistic in your goals and think in small portions. Set a goal of 5lbs rather than 25lbs. The more goals you reach, the more focused (and successful) you'll become.
Got a pair of pants or a dress that is too tight? Hang it up on your bedroom door so that you see it day in and day out.

2 - Clean up that Kitchen - This is a key to success. Get rid of the junk food - just having it in the house will entice you to overeat when you're having a weak moment. Heck - even when you're feeling strong you can stray from your life plan! I know I do.

3 - Get cooking - The more you cook the better you'll be at doing it. People who eat at home are more likely to stick to their eating plan. (raising hand) Me too! I try to eat out only 1 - 2 a month.
When you come home from the grocery story, clean and cut up your veggies (celery, carrots) and put them into baggies where you can grab them quickly.
Research new, light recipes at www.allrecipes.com - get a subscription to Cooking Light Magazine and Weight Watchers Magazine. I have both subscriptions and they're great!

4 - Make Friends - If you have friends that are trying to lose weight also, get together or join an exercise or weight loss program. Another option is to join a weight loss group online. Heck - comment on this blog - I'll keep you company. :)

5 - Get Ready to MOVE! - Research indicates people who move more, lose more. Yeah - sitting on the couch watching movies doesn't burn nearly as many calories as walking. (I hate math too)
Find an exercise you enjoy. For me it was swimming / water aerobics as I absolutely LOVE being in the water. The best part is that I go to the pool and join up with a group of health-minded indivduals and I'm the youngest! :)
Make a scedule for your exercise. It is as important as going to the doctor or taking your car into the garage. Those activities are scheduled - shouldn't your exercise be scheduled too?

6 - Drink - Bring on the water! I've found the more consistent I am with my water intake the more weight I lose. Also, I'm less likely to retain water which is important.
Bored with water? Add some lemon or mint, chunks of fruit, cucumber - anything to add a little flavor.

7 - Be Honest - Math doesnt lie. If you eat too many calories and don't burn them off with exercise you WILL gain weight. No ifs ands or big butts about it.
Keep a food journal - yeah, I hear the groans already. I hated doing this until I discovered a little program at http://www.keyoe.com/ - and it tracks everything for you. Woot!
The scale really is your friend. Keep track of your weight and the above program does that too.

8. It's all about Habits - This is not a diet - this is a Life Plan. Either you manage your life or it manhandles you, its as simple as that. Plan ahead and keep foods on hand that will enable you to stay on track. Yogurt, cheese, high fiber cereal, fruit, oatmeal, peanut butter, whole grain crackers - those are staples in my kitchen.

9. Forgive yourself - If you slip it isn't the end of the world. Losing weight is is a long term goal - it isn't something that happens overnight. If you have a small slice of cake, you won't gain all your weight back but you have to remember to get back to reality the next morning.
I allow myself snacks - I'm a sucker for chocolate cake. Do I eat cake? Yes, in moderation. I will bake a cake (no icing - not a big fan of it) and freeze individual slices wrapped in plastic. How do I keep from eating the whole thing? I keep telling myself that eating the cake will not enable me to reach my goals. I want to feel better, look better and move more easily.

10. Learn from your mistakes - Keep a journal for emotional support. Write down WHY you want to eat that cake. What is going on inside of you? What are you trying to fill with that cake? Keep doing this and you will, over time, see the pattern to your overeating.

Now, ready...get set...GO!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

My Latest Obsession

Have you checked out Buck Hollywood? I'm in complete adoration and I want him to be my new BFF!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

5 Friends

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What the...

The funniest thing happened to me today. I had to pop out and pick up some cover flats I had printed at Office Max. When the guy saw the covers he started asking me questions and I told him I was the author.

Slowly a number of the Office Max employees wandered over to see the cover so I gave them my card which has my name, URL etc and the line "Vampires, Witches and Werecats...oh my!" Another customer asked for a card so I gave her one too and she tells me how much respect she has for writers.

Not two seconds later, she gives it back and says,

"I'm not into that kind of thing."

The first thought that popped into my head was, "So you don't want to hear about the bondage books then?"

Instead I said something about writing all different types of genres but she wasn't interested in listening to me. She'd already presented me with her back by then. So I guess what she meant to say was that she has respect for writers who create what she deems acceptable. Needless to say I was snickering all the way out the door.

Now, I could care less that she handed the card back. I don't embarass easily so do what you will. What got me was that she ASKED for the card and then snubbed me because she didn't like what it had to say. I don't know about anyone else but my Mama taught me to accept what people give you then throw it away later if you don't want it.

It's called manners.

So what is the moral to the story? If you can't laugh at yourself then others will spend time laughing at you.

So the You SUCK award goes to...the lady in the Office Max. :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My new cover!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman

Paul Newman, dead at 83. He was one of my favorite actors and he eschewed the Hollywood scene as being 'rubbish'. Married twice, he was married to Joanne Woodward for fifty years before his death - how un-Hollywood is that?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Blowing in the wind...

I'm back...

Ohio was hit hard by the remnants of Hurricane Ike. About 700k lost power including the Wilder Castle. We were out for 48 hours and it took another day to get my internet working. Talk about roughing it!

We received a lot of wind damage. Two of our trees literally shredded and took out the power lines. We have gutter damage and my patio was wiped out. Other than the minor inconveniences we're good to go. I still need to call some contractors but now that I have electricity - its all good. :)

I spent a lot of time looking around at the items in the house realizing just how useless 90% of it is without power. Thank goodness for my Kindle or I would've gone out of my mind. By turning off the wireless I can use my reader for about 9 - 10 hours before it needs a charge.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mills and Boon...Erotica?

According to this source, Mills and Boon will be publishing 'its first pornographic book.' Wow - and who said publishers didn't listen to their readers?

I have to admit it's been many years since I've read a M&B title. I stopped reading them in 1979 when I discovered Ginny and Steve from the old time bodice ripper books. Somehow reading about virginal, blonde, English, Nurse heroines and Greek, Shipping Magnet, Sardonic heros didn't have the same appeal as Ginny and Steve as they loved and raped their way all over the world.

Let's face it - M&B is pretty well known for their characters being numb from the waist down.

When I read about this upcoming change in the M&B lineup, I had to admit my immediate thought was of an oil sheik asking his woman to suck his well dry as she screams for him to drill deeper into her dewy sands...

Thanks to the Smart Bitch site for the heads up.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sleepy Sunday

Maddie is ready to snooze. She has the remote and a mountain of pillows to get comfy on. See Bella in the corner? She burrows into the pillows all the time. :)

Sunday, August 31, 2008


I've been watching the Weather Channel off and on today. I have to admit that just watching the hurricane coverage makes me more than a little sick. When Katrina hit I packed up my dog and supplies for infants and raced off to Louisiana. I can't do that this time as I have a medical condition that is preventing me from going anywhere. I'm praying for a decent outcome.

Let's Talk...reselling ebooks is ILLEGAL

How many times does this have to be pointed out? I ran into a seller on an auction site (not ebay) who was selling a slew of ebooks. None of them were mine but I knew a lot of the authors this person was ripping off. I emailed said seller and she did remove the books but book pirates are like roaches - you stomp one out and three more pop up.

Used bookstores - I personally like used book stores. The reason being that as reader, I'm more likely to pick up a new author at a used store than paying full price. If they catch my attention, then I will buy the rest of their books new.

But ebook pirates? Nope! They pay for one book (the file) and then can sell it limitless times. That's outright stealing and its wrong.

Can't we all get along?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Over the edge...

The question of the evening is...just how many tech support reps does it take to answer an email question?

I'm currently on hold with Time Warner cable and my mission is simple - to get the email addy assigned to my road runner account. Sounds simple doesn't it.

Not to Time Warner.

I'm on my third person now and so far all of them have been unable to help me...okay, the rep came back to tell me I'm being transferred to lucky number four. Let's see how well this works out...

(listening to very bad muzak)

Hmm...I really need to do my nails. I have a signing on Saturday and I don't want to look like a castaway...

No idea what to do with my hair. I'm growing it out but I almost always wear it up. What is the point of having long hair when I always wear it...


The reason we have random acts of violence in this country is because we have to DEAL WITH UTILITY COMPANIES. I'M NOT A VIOLENT PERSON BUT IF THE TIME WARNER REP WERE TO KNOCK ON MY DOOR...THEY'D ONLY HAVE A FEW SECONDS TO LIVE.

My mother is very fond of saying, 'why can't people just do what they are paid to do?' I have to agree with her. I'm not asking for serious tech support - I need the email addy I received when I signed up TEN YEARS AGO. Is this rocket science?


Am I trying to solve world hunger?



I'm now talking to the fifth person...who probably can't help me. He sounds like he's nine.

(whistling as he pulls up my account)

Not sure what I might wear this Saturday either. Its going to be hot and humid...

What does my operating system HAVE TO DO WITH MY EMAIL???

Fuck, I'm on hold again.

(nose picking)

Sweet Mary and Joseph....I have my email addy. Please dear Goddess - let me remember my password or they may ask for my blood type and a genetic sample before they'd give me a new one...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Maddie Update!

Thanks to everyone who sent me well wishes about my dog, Maddie. She's doing well and getting stronger every day. Yesterday her staples were removed with nary a whimper and she's now happily scratching her back across the living room floor.

Her hind legs are still weak and she jacknifes herself from time to time. But her balance is improving and she's getting around much better. I still don't let her near the steps which annoys her but I don't want to take a chance on her reinjuring herself either.

More later!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Drama in the Wilder Household

Ugh - where do I begin? Last Thursday Maddie, my dog, was limping a bit and generally acting slow. I put it down to possible arthritis and gave her some aspirin. (baby aspirin, no more than 1 per 12 hours!)

At 1:30 on Friday morning she woke me up in obvious pain. I grabbed the dog and ran across town to the 24 hour vet hospital. Within minutes they diagnosed her as having a possible ruptured or herniated disk.


They wanted to run some tests to make sure what was going on and see if she needed surgery. So I had to leave her there...sniff. I stopped by the desk on the way out and they wanted a deposit...of $2200.00!!! YIKES.

Now you tell me, who has that kind of money just lying around, especially in the middle of the night. I couldn't just give them a check the next day, they wanted it immediately or they wouldn't touch her.

I guess a person's word isn't worth much these days.

So I had to break out a credit card and make the downpayment. The next morning they called and yes...she needed surgery. And the pricetag? $3500.00.

I know...some of you are going to say I'm nuts - maybe I am, but I couldn't give up on my girl. She's only nine years old and that girl and I have been through hell together. She's travelled with me all over the U.S. and we did Katrina work for many months on end. She's more than just a dog to me.

Hey! Isn't that a commercial?

Anyway - my baby is home and she's recuperating well. Her back legs are weak - they had to move her spinal column during the surgery so it was bruised. She's been home almost 2 days now and i can see a big difference in her.

Recovery will be slow and long - about a month of being confined - so I've moved my office onto the first floor with my girl.

More later

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sapphire Blue Publishing

Sapphire Blue Publishing

Press Release

Contact Info:
Name: Maria Clayton or Tina Gerow

For Immediate Release
August 2008

Phoenix entrepreneurs take on electronic publishing

Phoenix, AZ – Local entrepreneurs Maria Clayton, and Tina Gerow are pleased to announce the grand opening of their publishing house, Sapphire Blue Publishing, on August 15, 2008. With their diverse business backgrounds they seek to form a win/win partnership in an industry they love.

“Our goal is to bring Corporate America know how and innovation into perfect balance for the best experience for readers and authors,” says Maria Clayton, former Director of Technologies for a fortune 500 company. “We believe in a work environment that is fun and provides challenges that encourage play, innovation, and nimble out-of-the-pack thinking without boundaries.”

Sapphire Blue’s focus will be electronic books, or ebooks. These titles will take the form of a download that can be read on any number of electronic devices from the iPhone to dedicated electronic readers.

“Electronic book sales have doubled each year since 2001 and the projections are the market share will continue to climb,” says Tina Gerow. “Think about all the trees we’ll save. There’s no better time to embrace our ecological concerns and pair that with what we love, reading good books.”

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Free KINDLE book

Samhain Publishing is giving away another Kindle title. It is Giving Chase by Lauren Dane. Dontcha just love these freebies...and I love my Kindle like a fat kid loves cookies. :)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sounding Off

This morning the popular publishing newsletter Galley Cat featured a story posing the question, 'Should Authors Take Their Publishing Complaints Public'?

In their article they spotlighted an author who leveled a charge against their publisher for not paying royalties correctly. That said, it appears to be a case of sour grapes as GC hinted that the author greatly inflated their sales numbers. While Nielson's BookScan doesn't lie, it also doesn't portray total sales numbers as every store doesn't report to BookScan.

So should authors take their complaints public?

I believe so...with a caveat - they'd better be sure what they are saying is correct or they are shooting themselves in the foot...or career.

If authors (including myself) hadn't spoken out about Triskellion then who knows how long that company would have limped along scamming authors? Trust me, I tried everything to settle with them amicably and the owners weren't having it. Sometimes public humiliation is the only weapon we have left and in the case of Trisk - it worked.

There are any number of examples such as the Trisk debacle - and who knows how many authors avoided the train wreck because those involved spoke out? Sometimes you have to stand up and risk taking a hit in order to do the right thing.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

So you want to win a book?

Greetings, my friend Judy Mays gave me permission to give away a copy of her ebook, Celestial Passions: Meri. To enter simply post a comment on this entry and say...Hey JC, I'd like to win a book....or curse me out - whichever seems more appropriate. :)
Winner will be drawn on Tuesday. :)
Cover Blurb: Generations after the dols and orcs disappeared from Mediria, Lillalistross don al' Ademis from Drakan arrives with a tattoo of his clan totem, a dol leaping from the waves of a rolling blue sea, on his shoulder. Is he the prophesied "Path to the Dols and Orcs"? Can he lead the Medirians to them?Princess Merilinlalissa, eldest daughter of Mediria's monarch, has no doubts. This Drakian, somehow, someway, is connected with finding the dols and the orcs, and she's going to find out how. The fact that he's very tall, very handsome and very sexy only makes her determination to discover all she can about him, both in and out of bed, that much stronger.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Politics as usual...

Is anyone else annoyed with the smear campaigns that our Presidental candidiates are indulging in?

"He sucks..."

"No, he sucks more!"

These two fools are running for the highest position in the US government and their behavior has degenerated into grade school rumbles on the playground! If I had kids that behaved like this I'd blister their little butts.

Every week 8000 home loans are defaulted on - 1 in 171 homeowners will lose their houses this year - HIV is on the rise - Education levels are dropping - gas prices are rising - food prices are rising - our environment is degrading every year - drug prices are on the rise and older people can't afford to buy the medication they need to LIVE....and these two fools think its more important to poke at each other rather than tackle the issues that are important.

I'm SO over the presidential nonsense...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ready to try a new author?

Then we have a deal for you! We have three ebooks available and you can read the first half of the book for FREE! If you like it, there are links in the document which lead you to purchase the book. If you don't enjoy the book then you're off the hook!

But we know you'll love these titles! ;)



Friday, July 25, 2008

Randy Pausch

How many times can you say you saw someone on tv and your life will never be the same?

I can say that about Randy Pausch.

Randy was a Carnagie Mellon (Whoa...big brains) professor whose greatest gift wasn't in teaching others, it was his love for his children.

In academia, it's common to ask tenured professors to give a lecture called The Last Lecture. This lecture is all about what they would want to say if they learned they were going to die tomorrow. The difference in Randy's lecture was the he was really going to die.

Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Paudch delivered the lecture of a lifetime in September 2007. It wasn't so much about what he wanted to say, it was more about what he wanted to say to his children in the future - the future without him. It was funny, poignant, uplifting and brilliant - an amazing statement from an everyday guy.

Thankfully someone uploaded it to YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji5_MqicxSo - be warned, it is long but SO worth the time. Once you see it, your life will never be the same.

I first saw this in December and I immediate sent links to all my close friends. The Last Lecture was made into a book and has been on the best seller list since April.
Randy Pausch passed away today at the age of 47.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Did you say...FREE???

Want some free ebooks? Go here:


Happy Reading!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Utter Fabulosity!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Isabo Kelly UPDATE

Say hello to Jack, Isabo (and Brian's) latest creation.

Now, not being kid-centric myself, I think he looks like one of those little gnome statues you find in people's gardens. Well, minus the bad fashions and the beard of course. Okay, quit throwing rotten veggies at me! I only have dogs and they're cute too!

Don't worry, Jack - I'll be there when you get your first tattoo. :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

What is a girl to do?

What is a girl to do? I was going to blog on Project Runway but the Emmys were announced today. I'm so confused.

Let's dish on the Emmys as I really don't have much to say about them and later I can dish on PR. I went through the list of nominees only to realize I didn't know anything about more than half of the shows. I'm afraid network television is beyond me.

A funeral notable mentions:

outstanding reality program- Dirty Jobs versus Kathy Griffin. I love both of them but I'm pretty sure in a street brawl Kathy can take Mike. She has been working out you know.

Outstanding comedy series -my money is on 2 1/2 men only because I haven't watched the other shows. :)

outstanding drama-I'm going to say Dexter because serial killers rule!

Outstanding lead actress in a comedy-now this show I actually watch Ugly Betty and America Ferrera has been nominated. Go girl!

Outstanding nonfiction series- Deadliest Catch baby!! I do have to say that Discovery Channel is making a ton of money off of the show and the crabbers don't receive very much of it. (Just thought I'd throw that in there)

outstanding reality competition- I think it's all about Top Chef but they are up against PR. This could be a close one.

If you want to see the whole list, go here http://cdn.emmys.tv/awards/2008pte/60thpte_noms.php

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Guess what day it is...

It's time for PROJECT RUNWAY!!!

Can't help it, I just adore that show. The drama, the majesty....the seriously ugly clothes...it's everything I want in a tv show. Will there be anyone nearly as fabulous as Christian?

I can't wait to find out. My popcorn is bought, my jammies are clean, BRING IT ON!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

2008 - The year of the BLOG

I'd like to announce that Novelists Ink now has a blog.


so if you're a writer looking for tips or a reader searching for a good book, check it out.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Free Stuff!!

Good morning bloggers,

Samhain Publishing is pleased to announce our very first Amazon Kindle ebook giveaway! The title is Nate from Beth Williamson. The free download period begins on Monday, July 14th through Sunday, July 20th. This title is the first in the Devils on Horseback series from Williamson and we’re thrilled to share this exciting series with readers. As an FYI, Williamson recently signed with Kensington in April 2008.

Our next Kindle giveaway will be in August. That title is Giving Chase from Lauren Dane. I will send out a notice with all the details once they are finalized.

We are planning quite a few more fun reader giveaways so stay tuned! Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.


Lisa Amrine, Marketing Director
Samhain Publishing

Book Details:

Nate by Beth Williamson

Kindle ASIN: B000W5MIOE

Paperback ISBN: 978-1599986593

Cover Blurb:

Amidst the post-war chaos that rains down around them, a controlling man and a desperate woman must choose between life and love.

Book one of the Devils on Horseback series.

Nate Marchand grew up as the only son of the town drunk. As a Confederate soldier, he found that order in the chaos was the only thing that kept him sane. Numbers, information, keeping everything in its proper place became second nature. The chaos of the war and its aftermath sent him into a rigid state that he couldn't seem to overcome.

He and his friends, nicknamed Devils on Horseback, leave behind the aftermath of war to start fresh in the west. Their new business venture flounders and desperation drives them to take whatever work they can. The Devils are hired to remove the Taggert family from land claimed by Samuel O'Shea, the largest landowner in Grayton, Texas.

When he meets Elisa Taggert, his entire world shifts beneath him. Attracted, bewildered, and off-kilter, Nate ignores his conscience in favor of his wallet.

The simple task of removing a woman, a boy, and an old man, along with a small herd of cattle, resembles a Medieval siege. Nate wrestles with what he knows is right with what he must do. Will his love for Elisa overcome his need for survival?

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, violence.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Isabo Kelly, Take II

Born at 1am EST, Baby Jack and Mama are doing fine!!!

Yes, a boy. I can already tell he's going to be a handful as he was supposed to be a GIRL darn it. Only two hours old and already he's a rabble rouser!! I told her to put him back as he wasn’t done baking yet. :)

Friday, July 11, 2008


If these guys get in trouble for not wearing pants - why wasn't Britney arrested for flashing her cooter everywhere?

Isabo Kelly Watch!

For those of you who know the fabulous Isabo Kelly - it's that TIME! She's in the hospital being induced and I'm waiting for her hubby to call me. Of course he's just going to tell me that it's a girl but I already know that. :)

In the mean time, go here:


and enter to win a paperback copy of In The Gloaming, an anthology featuring the fabulous Mama To Be.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Manly Monday!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy July Fourth everyone! I'm giving away an ebook copy of Winters Daughter at:


Good luck

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Guest Blogging

I'm guest blogging this week at NovelSpot and my topic is the path (koff) to publication. Check out my first post:


Friday, June 27, 2008

Sacrifice - My Latest Release!

Heart of the Raven by J.C. Wilder
Sold into slavery to an Overseer of the Realm, Dani is determined to win her freedom and make sure her heart is possessed by no man. For Haaken, time is running out. A family curse already condemns him to the form of the Raven and when he can find the one woman meant for him, only then will he be free. Too bad for both of them that this woman is determined to belong to no one.
Fly With A Dragon by Rosemary Laurey
A virgin sacrifice, a not-so ravening dragon and a happy ever after. Selected as the virgin sacrifice to the ravening dragon, Myfanwy awaits as Arragh, the fiery Dragon of Calder Bala, approaches across the sacred grove. But Arragh comes not to destroy. Instead he carries Myfanwy off to his domain in the far mountains, and a fate far, far better than death.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The definition of irony...

So Amazon has this amazing ebook reader called the Kindle. The retail is about 360.00 - quite a bit to pay in these financially strapped times. Now Amazon is well known for allowing readers / businesses to sell their used products on their website. Keep in mind that when you sell or buy a book via their used book system, the author receives nothing for the sale.

So where is the "Sell Yours Here' button for the Kindle?

It doesn't exist. You can't sell your used Kindle via Amazon.

What is the bottom line? Amazon is more than willing to cheat authors out of royalty money, but they aren't willing to take one for the team.

Surprised? I didn't think so.

Monday, June 23, 2008

So Long, George

"We're all fucked. It helps to remember that."George Carlin

Friday, June 20, 2008

Foto Friday!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Trash Talkin'

Charity Anthology

If you have a few moments, please check out:


we're discussing the charity anthology, The Power of Love. All of the proceeds go to help battered women and children.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chewing the fat...or not!

Don't you just love it when people say one thing but mean something completely different? It's like people want you to GUESS what they really mean. What's up with that? IMO, this is most rampant among women because they don't want to be perceived as confrontational or...dare we say...rude?

Below are some of my interpretations for a range of platitudes that you could hear on any given day.

When you see a long lost friend and they tell you...'Wow, you look great..." = "Damn bitch, couldn't you have gotten fat or something?"

"No, those pants don't make your butt look fat..." = "Your butt is what makes you look fat, not the pants." (Besides, do we really want to hear the truth? I don't think so...because if you have to ask, you already know your butt looks big)

"Are you going to eat that?" = "I'm so hungry, I should give up my carrot and celery sticks and have something GOOD for a change."

"Did you see that dress? She looks like a skank..." = "I'm feeling really crappy about myself so its much easier to beat up on someone who will never know I'm talking trash about them..." or "I'm jealous because I know these pants make my butt look fat."


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Speaking of Criminals...

In America, there are approximately 47 million people without any form of health insurance. Consequently they make choices like whether or not to pay the light bill or buy their medications. Last night CBS news did a piece on free clinics in America and they interviewed a man who had lost his job and was a diabetic. He said that losing his insurance was more frightening than losing his job because without his meds - he dies.

Everyone says that we live in the richest country in the world yet this is what we've come to? People have to choose between eating and taking their meds? How many ways can someone say this just isn't right?

Yesterday I received a bill from the lab who ran my blood work back in April. The charges were as follows:

Cholesterol test - 37.20
Lipoprotein test - 50.60
Triglycerides test - 37.20
TSH test - 122.60
Veinipuncture - 18.45
Creatinine test - 15.81
Electrolyte test - 21.64

Grand Total - 303.50

Anyone got a spare 303.50 just hanging out? Probably not.

I do have insurance but I pay through the nose for it - almost 425.00 per month. Carrying private health insurance simply isn't a choice for most Americans and I do feel their pain. But it wasn't the bill that made my head spin - with the final line on the bill:

Insurance Disallowance - 282.18

My total - 21.32

So here is my beef - if I didn't have overinflated health insurance, I'd have to pay 303.50 rather than 21.32. But because my insurance negotiates the prices they will pay, I only have to pay 21.32. Now take note, my insurances isn't paying 282.18 - they are requiring that the lab company Write It Off.

Those who are uninsured don't have that luxury. They might be able to contact the lab and get the bill cut in half - but IMO, the crime is that they are BILLED that amount to begin with.

Do you ever get the feeling that all anyone ever wants is to get into your pockets? I know I feel that way and I'm sick and tired of it.