Monday, February 20, 2006

David Cassidy

About this time last year I made the momentous decision to cut off my hair. I went from a shoulder length bob to hair that was less than 1/2 long all over my head.

Oh, and I quit coloring my hair and went salt and pepper.

I absolutely loved it. Short and sassy, I could roll out of bed and look good. I kept my hair this way until early December when I was in Borders and the salestoad called me Sir. Yes, he thought I was a man. Now granted, I was wearing a dark green jacket that is similar to an outwoods-person style and for a chubby girl, I don't have a big chest - but I didn't think I looked like a man for crying out loud!

Within a week or to I decided to grow my hair out and continue coloring it. This decision wasn't based on this one incident, several times over the year I'd been named as my best friend's MOTHER and while he thought that was amusing, I was not smiling.

So my hair has been growing out for several months now and last week I looked in the mirror and saw David Cassidy. Yes, I now have David Cassidy, 1970's, big fluffy hair.

(breaking out into "I think I love you...")

Scary isn't it? Anyone who has suffered the pains of growing out hair knows exactly what I mean. It reaches that annoying length that its too short to pull back and too long to ignore. I'm constantly shoving it out of my eyes and, in short, its just tedious. What a girl goes through to have good hair. At this point I'm ready to shave it off and buy some wigs, it makes sense to me darn it.


Jacki Bentley said...

Hi J.C. I recently stopped coloring my hair for a few weeks too. The young fella at the movies asked if I wanted a senior ticket, so I went back to coloring it again.

Anonymous said...

I've never minded having to braid or pull my hair back, I just wish it'd grow. It reached a certain point at my waist and won't grow any longer. My daughter has hair to her tush, and both my grandmothers had hair past their knees.
I can't understand that saleman's attitude, though. You look all woman!

Anonymous said...

Most of my life I was very heavy and a woman asked me if I was pregnant. Another time I was barely along in my pregnancy and a man thought I was about to pop. Sigh. People can be so dense. And you in no way look like a man in short hair!!!! I like the way you were wearing it!

J.C. Wilder said...

Hi Jacki - I feel your pain. :) I was a little irritated that I allowed one person's comment to force me back to coloring.

Then again - I really do love changing my hair color every 6 months or so. :)


J.C. Wilder said...

Hey Desiree - long time no see! Are you going to RT this year? I'm not going to grow mine quite as long as yours, I'm thinking maybe down to my bra strap...if I can last that long. LOL!

J.C. Wilder said...

Hey Chey - people can be so dense. I would never ask a stranger if they were ready to give birth, it's down right RUDE.

Hugs - JC

Anonymous said...

I wish I could get to RT this year, but no will do :(
Good luck on the hair growing!

Faith said...

LOL. Cute post!

Anonymous said...

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Jeana said...

omg i tried growing my hair out last summer. i made it to chin length again and then i had to chop it al off. it looked horrible and i couldn't get it to lay right. now i chopped it off again and i can't get it to lay right at that lenght either..i'm cursed with bad hair i tell ya..i can understand your problems..

oh and all it takes is finding the right hairstyle and the right hair stylist to get a feminine short hair cut.