Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thirteen People I'd Like To Meet...

Dead or alive, of course. There are hundreds of people I'd love to meet, unfortunately most of them are dead. Sometimes it just works out that way I guess.
1. Dorothy Parker - Any woman who had her tombstone inscribed with "Pardon my Dust" is someone I want to meet. She was one of the wittiest writers of her day and the best part is this woman was no pushover. If she was pissed off, she wasn't afraid to show it. Considering she worked in the journalism world between 1920 - 1940-ish, that is quite the requirement.
2. Muhammed Ali - Nothing more needs to be said about this man.
3. Queen Elizabeth - Just what does she carry in that purse? Does she have a driver's license? Credit cards?
4. Edgar Alan Poe - When I was 10 or 11, I had his poem 'The Raven' memorized along with others such as Annabel Lee. It is any wonder I grew up to write paranormal books?
5. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Possibly the greatest composer or all time, in my opinion at least. The man was both brilliant and tormented.
6. James Thurber - One of the greatest writers and cartoonists that ever lived. He was a contemporary of Dorothy Parker and a member of the Algonquin Round Table - a truly 'romantic' time for writers.
7. Edward Degas - Amazing artist. I'm not into the ballerinas he did. I love L'absinthe - he took a simple scene and put so much feeling and pathos into it I'm just amazed every time I see it. I am also a painter and I would love to see how he did what he did.
8. Benjamin Franklin - This man was brilliant and instrumental in crafting the USA into what it is today. Wouldn't it be cool to hoist a brandy with him?
9. Stephen King - I's Stephen King for crying out loud. What writer wouldn't want to hang with him for a few hours?
10. Walter Cronkite - I would just sit and let him talk about all the things he's seen over his life and career.
11. The Mercury Seven - the original seven astronauts - what amazing stories they'd have to tell. I've always been fascinated by the astronauts since I was in Houston and had the chance to go to Mission Control - it was amazing.
12. Andrew Lloyd Webber - one of the greatest playwrites of all time.
13. Broken Lizard - so what is broken lizard? They are the guys who wrote, produced and starred in SUPER TROOPERS, BEERFEST and another movie I can't name. It's not that I think their movies are great (though they are funny in parts) but these guys had a dream, got together and maxed their credit cards to make the first movie then crossed their fingers that someone would pick it up. Someone did and voila - they are now 'stars'. I absolutely love the wholw concept of people giving up everything and just GOING for it!
So - who would you want to meet?

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crowwoman / rhian said...

this is a Fabulous list JC! One of the coolest places I've been is Edgar Allen Poe's house in Pennsylvania. It had creepy weird vibes. That or we were all close to hyperventilating. I would LOVE to sit down and chat with Alexander the Great. Also Georgia O'Keefe. Oh and Joan of Arc - what a cool converation THAT would be.

Carolan Ivey said...

What fun! I'd put a list on my blog, as well. :)

Let's see, I think the list of whom I wouldn't like to talk to would be easier. :)

My maternal grandmother, who died when I was very young.

Jesus. To get the real scoop. LOL

Robert E. Lee

Thomas Wolfe

Earnest Hemingway

Eleanor Roosevelt

Mary Queen of Scots

Black Elk

Maya Angelou

Mother Teresa

Virginia Dare

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

I love your list, JC. I've really got to sign up for this Thursday Thirteen thing one of these days--it's so much fun to read everyone’s lists each week.

Who would I want to meet? Wow, how would I ever whittle the list down to just thirteen? After looking at your wonderful list and at Rhian’s and Carolan’s here in the comments I really had to laugh. Not because they’re funny but, rather, because the first 13 names that popped into my head prove me to be exceedingly shallow in comparison. LOL

Okay, I’ll prove it:

Cary Grant
Doris Day
Lucille Ball
Jonathan Winters
Danny Kaye
Steve Allen
James Garner
William Shatner
John Travolta
Jerry Lewis
Olivia Goldsmith
Jennifer Crusie
Neil Simon

Methinks I need to sit and ponder a bit to come up with a deeper, more profound list. ;-)

J.C. Wilder said...

Thanks Crowwoman/rhian - I didn't know there was a house of Poe in Pennsylvania. I'm in Ohio and I forsee a road trip in my future. :)

J.C. Wilder said...

Carolan - One of the problems was narrowing my list down. There are literally hundreds more I wanted to include. I agree with Eleanor Roosevelt - what an amazing woman she was. To accomplish everything she did and to STILL wear a corset - that's too cool for words.

J.C. Wilder said...

Daisy - girl! Danny Kaye almost made my list, I just love THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY - one of my favorite movies.

Ciar Cullen said...

Always coming in on a Friday, but I love a few on your list. Poe, yep. When I was a moody young lady, I used to actually visit his gravesite in Baltimore (I lived there--it wasn't really a pilgrimage). I'd like to meet Mark Twain, my hero. And, Gregory Peck when he was about 30, but only for very superficial reasons. :o)
My own thirteen shows my age, for anyone who wants to feel better today.

Carolan Ivey said...

Hey, JC, you've got my link going to my web page, not my blog. :D

J.C. Wilder said...

Hey Ciar - I think we were all moody teenagers once - it's part of the traditional rite of passage to adulthood...where some of us stay moody then too. LOL!

J.C. Wilder said...

Carolan - you're a pain in the bum...and its fixed.