Friday, June 08, 2007

What Romance Authors REALLY do when they're alone...

This is what romance authors do after a long conference weekend.
On the left is Isabo Kelly and on the right is Carolan Ivey. I think Carolan is doing obscene things with that onion ring but let's not dwell there shall we?
After leaving the hotel to head home, we hit the Red Robin restaurant to load up on the 4 food groups, chocolate, fat, beef and bread. Each of us consumed at least 800 calories apiece and didn't eat for two days afterward. :)

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Carolan Ivey said...

There were 800 calories in that chocolate shake alone! LOL

And yes, I was having a moment with my onion ring. Isabo and her ring made it a menage a quatre, and how indelicate of you to put such a sacred moment on the Internet. [wink]

PS - My poor angel baby Bella looks abused. Her eyes are pleading with her Grandma Carolan to come and rescue her. :D