Friday, August 03, 2007


I spent the past week on the road which is something I just love to do. I cannot get enough traveling in each year and I can only wish someone would finally invent a teleport device. I'd be zipping everywhere!

As a passionate lover of American Heavy Metal, I have a big love for hot cars. When I was in high school I would date the boy with the hottest car rather than the best personality. Shallow? Yes, but a girl has to have her standards. :)

One of my current loves is the Ford Mustang. When I was a child my father had a midnight blue convertable with white interior. SUH-WEEEEET! I begged him to let me have the car when I turned sixteen and it didn't happen. He sold it. Later on he told me he would've kept it had he known how much of a collectors item it would become.


My family had a long affair with the volkswagon. In the early seventies we had every model they made, the beetle, super beetle, hatchback and stationwagon. I was always fascinated by the fact they could float like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Another car I adore is the Thunderbird. I like the originals and the new ones though unfortunately they have stopped making them. (sniff) That was going to be my mid-life crisis car but I'm thinking I might swing back to the Mustang.

In the mid-ninties I purchased a Chevy pickup truck. I loved that truck - it was fab. I am big into gardening and having that truck bed to haul around my purchases is so incredibly handy. I'm thinking I may purchase a pickup for my next car.

Currently I have a Jeep and I adore that car. It is a Liberty 4x4 and its a tough little thing. I drove all around the Gulf Coast doing the Katrina thing and it never let me down. Seeing that I practically lived in the thing for several months, that is something. :)

So what is your fantasy car?


Carolan Ivey said...

My Dad had a Mustang, too - a '64-1/2, sky blue, matching interior, convertible. My sister begged and begged him to let her had that car, but he never did. He kept it in storage and trotted it out for parades (to carry the parade queen in) and classic car gatherings. He let me drive it to my 10th high school reunion, let me pretend it was mine! LOL I stalled it out in the middle of an intersection and nearly had a heart attack trying to get it going before oncoming traffic broadsided it. I didn't care about ME, I knew Dad would kill me if I brought that car back with a scratch on it!

He finally sold it many years ago - I hope it has a good home somewhere. We sure enjoyed it while we had it.

Sandra said...

My fantasy car would be a monster truck. The reason: I'm 5'2" and think it would be a riot to have a huge truck. Hehe. And also, I'm curious to see what people's reaction would be when they see a big truck pull up, expect to see a tall driver and instead a shorty comes out.

Carolan Ivey said...

Sandra, I let my brother in law borrow my van for a vacation a year ago, and I drove his Silverado to work for a week. Keep in mind I'm 5-2 and Scott is 6-4. There is no running board to step up on.

I wore a skirt to work. I'll let you form the mental image. LOL

J.C. Wilder said...

LOL, Sandra!!