Friday, March 21, 2008

The trouble with Moms...

Sunday I left town to head south to the glorious state of Georgia. (I do some part time work as a contractor) I left Mom knowing that a friend was going to keep an eye on her and she'd be good to go.

Or so I thought.

Sunday evening, my drunken idiot neighbor called the police of my dog...AGAIN. Bella, the evil dachshund, is a barker and she'll stand out in the back yard and bark her fool head off at nothing. It's really annoying.

So the police came out to visit Mom and relay the complaint. Mom was in her nightgown and she has bad hearing - she didn't even know the dog was barking. Luckily I know all the cops so Dan chased Bella back into the house. (I have to say the image of a big, strapping man like Dan chasing around a dog that stands only 10 inches high is quite amusing)

So needless to say Mom has been pissed all week.

This morning when I called her, she said she'd taken Bella out back on the leash so at least she'd listen. Well, the collar came off and Bella behaved badly as usual. The police didn't come out but Mom was so mad that she put a hex on the neighbor.

Yes, a hex on the neighbor.

A friend asked if Mom was good at putting on hexes and I had to say I didn't really know. The reality is she's never said anything like this to me before.

Hmm, and my mother calls ME a witch?

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