Saturday, May 24, 2008

More Photos - The Brothers Hillstrand

The boys and I in Concord, NC. Andy is sticking his tongue out. They started laughing when they saw me and I tossed a stuffed bird at Andy. I told him he was in BIG trouble as this was Squacky's brother...CRISPY...and he was out for revenge. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then you need to see the last show.

A slightly better version of the photo from the Cleveland signing.

I can't figure out why my pics came out so badly. Normally my camera and photos are On Point. Just not lucky this time around. Of course it means the next time they're in town I will have to force myself to see them...I know, life is filled with sacrifice.

Johnathan and I in Concord, NC. I was coming north, he was headed south - two ships that pass in the night...

Okay, bad pun.

He threw his arm around me and whispered, 'didn't we just do this a few days ago?'

We had but that didn't stop us from posing again. LOL.

If nothing else, the weather down south was fabulous. For this Ohio girl - I could use all the warm weather I can get...and if you throw in a handsome man...where do I stand in line? :)

Much fun was had....I swear I only got about 3 hours sleep each time. I'm way too old for this craziness. :)


Carolan Ivey said...

Still haven't quite forgiven you for not taking MY picture with them like I did YOURS. [pouting] I'm stuck with the blurry version. I swear, that woman taking pictures had bad camera karma or something. How could she screw up two pictures in a row, when neither one of us has ever had a problem with our cameras?? Oy.

Cindy Holby said...

Okay, You were in Concord NC and didn't call me? That's less than an hour from my house.

You are fogiven considering the company you were with.

Right now I'm crushing on David Cook the same way you are on these guys. He's got several TV appearances this week and my DVR is set.