Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chewing the fat...or not!

Don't you just love it when people say one thing but mean something completely different? It's like people want you to GUESS what they really mean. What's up with that? IMO, this is most rampant among women because they don't want to be perceived as confrontational or...dare we say...rude?

Below are some of my interpretations for a range of platitudes that you could hear on any given day.

When you see a long lost friend and they tell you...'Wow, you look great..." = "Damn bitch, couldn't you have gotten fat or something?"

"No, those pants don't make your butt look fat..." = "Your butt is what makes you look fat, not the pants." (Besides, do we really want to hear the truth? I don't think so...because if you have to ask, you already know your butt looks big)

"Are you going to eat that?" = "I'm so hungry, I should give up my carrot and celery sticks and have something GOOD for a change."

"Did you see that dress? She looks like a skank..." = "I'm feeling really crappy about myself so its much easier to beat up on someone who will never know I'm talking trash about them..." or "I'm jealous because I know these pants make my butt look fat."


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