Friday, June 27, 2008

Sacrifice - My Latest Release!

Heart of the Raven by J.C. Wilder
Sold into slavery to an Overseer of the Realm, Dani is determined to win her freedom and make sure her heart is possessed by no man. For Haaken, time is running out. A family curse already condemns him to the form of the Raven and when he can find the one woman meant for him, only then will he be free. Too bad for both of them that this woman is determined to belong to no one.
Fly With A Dragon by Rosemary Laurey
A virgin sacrifice, a not-so ravening dragon and a happy ever after. Selected as the virgin sacrifice to the ravening dragon, Myfanwy awaits as Arragh, the fiery Dragon of Calder Bala, approaches across the sacred grove. But Arragh comes not to destroy. Instead he carries Myfanwy off to his domain in the far mountains, and a fate far, far better than death.


Samantha said...

Don't know if you did this on purpose, but if you click on the cover, you're taken to the Amazon page for the Lori Foster anthology "Power of Love" not a buy page for your book.

J.C. Wilder said...

Thanks, Samantha - it's fixed now!