Monday, December 22, 2008

eBook Piracy

From the moment eBooks were created, pirates have reared their fat, ugly heads. They distribute our books for free without a single thought given to the fact that authors work hard to create their novels and should be rewarded for that hard work - not ripped off because its the easy thing to do.

In the past two weeks, several people have emailed me to let me know various people are giving away my books. One intrepid soul was giving away six of my novels.


Over three years worth of work given away to anyone who happened to find their website. One pirate had a copy of my brand new release, Seducing Jane Porter, up for grabs and it had been downloaded 167 times. That is approximately $140.00 out of my pocket.

Seeing that is only ONE pirate, can you image how much authors are losing each and every day? If the pirate who had six of my novels up for grabs were to give away 167 copies of each one - that is 840.00 out of my pocket. That's enough to pay for my health insurance for two would make my car payment plus insurance for two months...two months of groceries...

And thats only two pirates out of tens of thousands. The worst part is when you find one pirate they are usually linked to others...and those are linked to more doesn't end.

Looking at those kinds of numbers I have to wonder why I even bother to write. If readers are going to download my work for free, why even do it? I can just get a full time job with benefits and not have to worry about being ripped off. If I'm going to be disrespected then at least I should get health insurance out of it.

I love books...I love reading...I love writing...and to have readers steal my work is the ultimate slap in the face. What happens to readers when authors stop writing and there's nothing left to read?

Stop ebook piracy now. You're hurting the very same people who create that which you adore. Is it worth saving 5.00 knowing you're taking payment away from someone whose work you admire? Those who put time and energy into creating the books we all love are being hurt and its time to stop the bleeding before more of us walk away from doing what we love the most.

Save an author, buy an eBook.

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