Friday, March 27, 2009

10 Greatest Rock & Roll Frontmen Ever

13 - Steven Perry - Journey is underrated in my opinion. Because they were pop-rock most of the R&R mainstream snubbed them for being 'girly'. They can say what they want but Perry's amazing vocal range is undeniable.

12 - Bret Michaels - not a fan of Poison and after watching one of his 'reality' shows where he proves he's a sexiest child (Hey Bret - women are more than their bust size) - you can't deny his vocal range. That gruff, sexy voice is pretty damned hot.

11 - Ronnie James Dio - Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Dio - When it comes to the classic heavy metal voice - this man is it. Don't believe me? Go find a copy of his 1983 (Dio) Holy Diver and listen to Rainbow in the Dark - nuff said.

10 - Ozzy Osbourne - Black Sabbath wasn't the same without him.

9 - Axl Rose - Okay, he is a self-centered egotistical butt-wipe, but his voice was memorable. But JC, he's not dead... No he isn't but he might as well be. Chinese Democracy? Puhleeze...

8 - Tom Petty - I'm a huge fan of Petty even though he sounds like three miles of bad road. He's also a brilliant songwriter.

7 - Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) - excellent voice and amazing stage presence.

6 - James Hetfield - Metallica, what more can I say?

5 - Elvis Presley - I'm not an Elvis fan but you can't deny his vocal talents. Overlook the rock and roll he did and take a listen to the gospel songs. Utterly fabulous.

4 - Steven Tyler - That man is STILL hot and his vocal range is impressive. Any man who can hit those notes and not have to cut off his balls to achieve it - he's aces in my book.

3 - Robert Plant - Led Zeppelin need I say more? Stairway to Heaven wouldn't be the same without his voice.

2 - Rob Zombie - The voice is meh...but his stage presence is worth the cost of a ticket.

1 - Chad Kroeger (Nickleback) - Probably one of the best voices out there today.

Who else should be on (or off) the list?


nitebyrd said...

Chad Kroeger. Yup, I agree.

Sami said...

I totally agree with everyone on your list, but I'd also add:
Jack White (unique voice and for his standing up to the record companies and keeping complete control of his master recordings),
Aaron Lewis of Staind (Journey for this generation and proud of it) and
Maynard James Keenan of Tool (complete freak but I could listen to his bands all day).

Monica Burns said...

Confession time. I've only vaguely heard of some of these guys. Elvis, I'm actually listening to Stranger in the Crowd. A song I went looking for when I saw the Coke Superbowl commercial. ROFL

I've got eclectic tastes, but more like certain songs, not necessarily groups. But I do remember how hot Steve Perry was when Journey was big. My sis loved that man. I liked him. LOL

Carolan Ivey said...

Because I'm a dork and adore yanking your chain...