Wednesday, April 08, 2009

WLW: Progress is measured...

in inches, literally. :) I gained...I'm losing again - almost back to my 45 pound loss. It just amazes me how quickly I can get derailed. My knee has been acting up because my schedule is crazy and I haven't been going to the pool. Big No No for me. So I've been sitting with my leg up and the ice packs and the bandages...and breathing puts pounds on me.
So I've been watching what I eat and forcing myself to move around no matter how much it hurts. I've reclaimed 3 of my lost pounds and 1.6 more gets me back to my 45.
Ugh, haven't I been here before?

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Monica Burns said...

I gained all my 10pds back cuz my meds just won't let me lose and my deadlines have bitten into my exercise program big time. No that would be the new boss, who doesn't have kids and likes to work from 10am to midnight. I'm supposed to leave at 5:30pm can't tell you how often I get to stay late. *sigh*