Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Puppy Diaries, Part I

Yes, I did the foolish....I bought a puppy. Well, it really isn't my pup as it is my mother's Christmas present but hey, the dog likes me better, what can I say?

This Bella Wylder - I gave her my last name when it became obvious that she was very much like me - into everything and always hungry. She chews everything including my slippers and Maddie's (my beagle boxer) ears. She is a darling and I do try to remember that when I have to get up several times in the night to let her out.

The last pup I had spoiled me. She was almost trained when I got her and Rena wasn't much of a chewer. Sheesh - with this one we had to get the electrical cords of the floor because...yes, she chomps on those too.

I can't wait to see what she does with the Christmas decorations. :)



Anonymous said...

Looks like you need to turn on the spam filter. Don't you hate that?

Your pupy looks adorable!!! Fill us in on what he does with the Chrismas decorations. *g*

Sam said...

Oh that widdle puppy is SO cute!!!!
And it's so funny, because we just got a little dachshund puppy too (a wire-haire one) and he is Mr. Personality times ten, lol. Right now he is growling and fighting with the old leather slipper we gave him for a toy.

Latin's Lady said...
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