Sunday, October 07, 2007

Banned Books Week

Banned Books Week is almost over, have you read your banned book yet? :)

What strikes me as odd about BBW is those who are banning the books are usually places reserved for education. Schools, libraries etc. Seeing that these institutions are funded, at least in part, by our government who should be supporting the freedom of speech - isn't it hypocritical to allow those same instutions to ban books?

In my opinion, any institution who receives tax money as part of their funding, should not have the right to ban a book. Now having said that, I'm not saying that third graders should be reading one of my books - no how no way! It should be up to the parents to determine what is appropriate reading material for their children, not a school or library.

I think what really bothers me is, when does this end?

John Lennon's song IMAGINE could be offensive to some though there are no curse words to be found. Just the line:

"Imagine there's no Heaven,"

would be enough to spin a few conservative heads off their shoulders. Where is the line drawn between inappropriate material for children and inappropriate ideas. Trust me, if we allow these institutions to 'ban' books, it's only a matter of time before one of them tries to ban a book based on the concept, not the content.

That is REALLY scary if you ask me.

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