Friday, January 18, 2008

Fun and Games

Every week I hit the pool at the Rec Center. Now my routine is kinda dull. Get up at 7am, pull on a bathing suit, sweats (which are now falling off - YEA!) and some shoes. Feed the dogs, shove them outside for a potty break, grab a protein shake and head for the door. The pool opens at 8am and I like to be there on time.

Now, my hair is getting long and one thing I hate is wet hair sticking to my neck. I love to swim, yes I get my hair wet, but if I know I'm not going to go under, I pull my hair up into a ponytail then add a hair band - keeps the bangs under control.

Today I was in the pool and chatting with two of the ladies when I felt my hair band slip. I reached up to straighten it and it literally rolled off my head and into the water. I barely blinked and it was GONE!

Now, let me explain. I was in something they call The River. The river is literally a cement chute in a kidney shape. It is filled with water and there is a current, hence the name.

So when the headband hit the water, the current took it and that was that. Within a minute, the entire pool was looking for my white headband against a pale blue painted pool.


Think about this image - I swim with roughly 15 older people who are trying to rehabilite limbs, stay in shape etc. All these lovely gray hairs walking up and down the pool with their eyes glued to the bottom of the pool sorta like lemmings. :)

Anyhoo - I finally found it in the center of the River in something they call the Vortex. It is a round pool and the water goes really fast and if you get knocked off your feet, you're done. Its hard to get your feet back under you again.

So there I was, in the vortex, trying to get my headband with my bare toes. Then, once I did get it, to somehow transfer that to my hands as the water works to drown me.

It really wasn't pretty.

I love the Gray Hairs, they keep me in line.

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Beth said...

such a mental image...and knowing you like I do, I find it hard to believe *anyone* can keep you in line....