Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen of my most favorite things in the world!

1. My family - yeah, they can be a pain but if I didn't have them, who would I complain about?
2. Traveling - I love seeing new places, eating different food and just soaking up the atmosphere.
3. New Orleans - my favorite city!
4. Sweat Pants - it doesn't get any better than fleece.
5. DVDs - I love nothing better than to get lost in a movie / show on a gray afternoon.
6. Music - can't live without it.
7. My dogs - all three of them.
8. The pool - I do love to swim!
9. Lindt chocolates - this seems to come up on my 13 lists quite a bit!
10. Jewelry - I love to make it, wear it - roll in it...
11. My car - I do love my car and even though I don't travel nearly as much as I used to, I enjoy just driving to the store!
12. My garden - I practically live outside in the summer. It's just heaven.
13. My computer of course!

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Heh. I had to move into my sweats today; it was a stressful day. Sweats rule.

Happy TT!

Nicholas said...

I am so with you on DVDs, and we all love our computers! I wish I had a pool.

Janet said...

I love positive T13s; your list was great!

Natalie said...

I love a lot of those things too! :)

SJ Reidhead said...

The chocolate and jewelry do it for me.

The Pink Flamingo

mom huebert said...

Very nice, happy list!

Sandy Carlson said...

Your list could be my list. Lindt chocs, sweats, and a great movie--what a thing I call Saturday afternoon!

The Mocha Mom said...

My list would be very close to yours if I made one. Thanks for sharing, I am up too.

Bloggers said...

i cannot wait until summer so i can work in the yard again. i am going to do a whole garden this summer.

TwoPugs said...

I love sweat pants - I wear the velour kind from Old Navy (maybe not sweat pants at all...? lol)

I adore jewelry and my computer too.