Friday, March 07, 2008

Way Big Storms

I love a good storm. My mother likes to tell the story of a tornado warning when I ran outside to watch it rather than take cover - I think I was maybe five at the most. It just so happened that during the tornado warning my second cousin and his wife were visiting and he was a photographer. I vividly remember standing outside in the street with Jim, the wind was whipping at my hair and clothes while he took photos of the tornado.

Of course Mom was quite annoyed with both of us but she's a Mom, they're genetically predisposed to disapproval at all costs. (or so it seemed at that age)

The weatherman is predicting 8-12 inches of snow here in Central Ohio. We'll see. Its rare we get that much snow at one time. Sometimes I have to ask, why bother? It's going to be in the upper forties by Tues/Wednesday so its only going to melt anyway. While we may get snow, we rarely keep it for more than a few days. There's nothing more sad than melting snow and hybernating brown grass peaking through the bare spots.

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