Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shut up and FISH!

I've always been fascinated with the way the human brain works. My father taught me how to love my brain when I was a kid and it isn't really something I can describe very well. But if you think about a maze - like the ones you played with as a child - your brain is very much like that. You start out thinking about one thing such as buying milk then 5 seconds later you're contemplating just how much lint your belly button can hold.

Okay - its a vivid image but just go with it...

I'm an avid blog reader. I admit, I like the bits of gossip as much as the belly button lint pondering. I enjoy seeing how other's minds work and how they move from one topic to the next. Are they a ranter? (I am - I pick a rant then chew it to death) Are they a Meanderer? (a person who wanders from topic to topic, taking time to get to their goal) Are they a type A blogger? (all bullet points) Are they a mumbler? (someone who comments on a lot of things but never really tells you what they believe - I think they're afraid of commitment but thats just me)

So I openly admit that I've been reading the other blogs who have been commenting on my inadvertent kerfuffle regarding the recent RT conference. That said, I haven't commented on any of them. Why? Because my father taught me that it is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth (or keyboard) and prove it.

One of my favorite shows is Deadliest Catch on the Discovery channel. One of the captains, Sig Hansen, loves to say, 'Shut up and Fish,' when the crew gets to complaining. So rather than comment on the blogs, the only thing I have to say is -

'Shut up and Fish.' :)

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Monica Burns said...

Hey, I'd be cruising those blogs too. Speaking of which, you're mentioned in my blog tomorrow on the GabWagon and my personal blogs elsewhere.

But only briefly and in a positive manner. I didn't want to give you star billing. You've had so much of it lately, I was worried it might go to your head. Bwwwwwaaaahahahaha