Saturday, August 02, 2008

So you want to win a book?

Greetings, my friend Judy Mays gave me permission to give away a copy of her ebook, Celestial Passions: Meri. To enter simply post a comment on this entry and say...Hey JC, I'd like to win a book....or curse me out - whichever seems more appropriate. :)
Winner will be drawn on Tuesday. :)
Cover Blurb: Generations after the dols and orcs disappeared from Mediria, Lillalistross don al' Ademis from Drakan arrives with a tattoo of his clan totem, a dol leaping from the waves of a rolling blue sea, on his shoulder. Is he the prophesied "Path to the Dols and Orcs"? Can he lead the Medirians to them?Princess Merilinlalissa, eldest daughter of Mediria's monarch, has no doubts. This Drakian, somehow, someway, is connected with finding the dols and the orcs, and she's going to find out how. The fact that he's very tall, very handsome and very sexy only makes her determination to discover all she can about him, both in and out of bed, that much stronger.


Rachel.C said...

Oh, oh, this is on my tb list!!! Can I have, can I, can I?

Rachel.C said...

By the way, where book 2 in The Coven series??
I'm coming to the US in Sept/Oct, if you're not careful you'll trip over me when you walk out the front door. LOL

Cathy said...

Hi JC, I would love to read this book. And I agree Rachel, can't wait to read the next Coven book.