Monday, October 20, 2008

And the award goes to...

For some reason, Maxim magazine has started sending me issues even though I've never read the mag nor requested it. Seeing that I'm female - that hasn't deterred them from wasting more trees in order to give me a good laugh.

Out of curiosity, I opened one and scanned the pages. It is a nice, glossy magazine that would appeal to the hormones of young men as its designed to do. Should it surprise me that every photo of a woman, with the exception of an unflattering Photo of Hillary Clinton - was naked or in lingerie?

Women on their backs with their legs in the air - high heels of course because no one could walk in those things so you'd have to be on your back in order to not fall off and get hurt - nude with only a towel - sexy tousled hair - noisy lipstick - sprawled on a bed - in lingerie stretched out on the floor - mouths get the picture.

And they say romance is soft-core porn?

Any photo of a woman with clothing on was unflattering and usually an advertisement. One was a housewife in the cliched terry cloth robe, curlers in the hair, green face mask - next to a woman in lingerie.

On the other hand there were the men. All dressed in suits with women in skimpy night-out attire hanging on their arms...that's what draws us ya know. Suits and enough hair product to dent steel - that REALLY turns us on. want to know how to impress the ladies? Read a romance novel - that will get you much farther than Maxim will.


Monica Burns said...

Ya know, my DH hasn't read my books, only the "good parts." LOL BUT before I started writing, I found that I had to "train him." I told him what I liked about him and me. What worked for me or didn't work. Things like, DO NOT leave your underwear on the floor. DO NOT Leave the toilet seat up EVER or you will die. He learned well, but then I've learned too. Magazines are fluff, romance books are about relationships. *grin*

Mary Winter said...

Did you use Vista Print? I did and that's how I started getting Maxum magazine. I went to their website and cancelled it. Apparently if you don't click the "no thanks" button they'll send you a free subscription to something.