Wednesday, November 26, 2008

WLW - Victory is mine!

Greetings Readers - yes, it's Wednesday again. I know it's painful and I feel for you. So put down your Snickers bar and strip down to your bare skin - it's scale time. Since I started up WLW again, I've lost a total of six pounds.

Well - I think it should be 6.2 pounds because I was wearing my socks on the scale. :)

It's been a struggle - no lying here. And we're heading into the most calorie laden time of the year. Some of my tricks to keep my butt from taking over my zip code are:
- Water, it's all about the water. The more you drink, the more you'll lose. It keeps you hydrated and it helps you to feel full sooner.
- Going to a friend's for dinner? Volunteer to bring a fruit or veggie plate.
- Don't deprive yourself. I'm not a fan of stuffing so I'm safe there, but I do love mashed potatoes and gravy. My trick is to take a smaller portion and for every bite of that decadent dish, take two bites of veggies and big water.
- Desserts - did you know pumpkin pie has the least amount of calories of all pies? 1/8 of a pie sans whipped cream, is about 300 calories. Light whipped cream (in a moderate amount!) can add 25 - 50 extra calories.
- Snacking - think raw and avoid processed. Veggies w/ cream cheese are tasty and filling.

What are your strategies for watching the calories?


Monica Burns said...

HOORAY!! WTG!! Every little ounce is a step toward that ultimate goal!

I confess. I despise Pumpkin Pie. UnAmerican I know, but what I can I say.

LOVE the tip about small bite of the bad stuff and BIG bites of the good stuff. Of course, in our house, those green beans and carrots were soaked in bacon drippings and butter. So, I'm screwed. Even the macaroni salad with all it's wonderful bite sized pieces of veggies was laden with Hellmans Mayo. So I actually cut back on what I made (except the macaroni salad) and had left overs for only one day *gasp* That's a FIRST for me in 22 years of marriage. So I'm learning.

Diane Craver said...

I love pumpkin pie! Glad it's lower in calories than other desserts. Plus you get vitamin A (I think) when you eat something made from pumpkins.

The only problem about drinking lots of water - I have to go pee all day - well, I guess I don't have time to eat then. :)

Thanks for the post!