Wednesday, November 19, 2008

WLW: Where I Am Now

The Numbers - 6 :)

Yes ma'am - I've lost a total of six pounds and let me say, each pound has been a struggle. I admit, I'm having a really difficult time just keeping myself on my program. I accept full responsibility for what I put in my mouth - and I realize that willpower alone will accomplish nothing - but I feel like every meal is an uphill battle lately.

What's really frustrating for me is that in general, I eat pretty healthy. I love veggies, salad, fruit and while I have a weakness for carbs, it's already ingrained in me to eat the bulk of my carbs by lunchtime. I just seem to be HUNGRY all the time! GRRR....

I am an emotional eater and it doesn't help that it is abnormally cold here in Ohio. I have a tendency to hibernate when the weather is really cold so I'm fighting against staying inside and being warm and getting my chubby butt outside in the cold for some exercise. Lame excuse - I know. The good news is that I have been hitting the pool three times a week and that is helping out a lot.

So my goal for the week is get back on track, stay on track and have a good week. What's your goal?


Cindy Holby said...

I need to get back on track. I've lost 25 since you've seen me but I've plateaued and since I've been baking like crazy lately.

Plus I've gotten off my exersise schedule. Something had to give in my hectic life and that was it. Since I want to lose 5 more by Christmas I got to get back at it.

Good luck sweetie. It's hard. You've got to make life changes which aint easy.

Monica Burns said...

HOORAY!!! Keep at. You can do THIS! If the urge to nibble occurs. Don't fight it, just limit what you nibble on and how much. An apple is a great filler btw, I use it when I need too and I don't hesitate to eat half a scoop of ice cream on occasion. The trick it not deny yourself, but to limit.

J.C. Wilder said...

Cindy - please step away from the oven...

It's hard, especially this time of year. I did lose over Thanksgiving so that's something!

Monica - I don't deny myself - that is a sure fire way to fail. What I have managed to do is to lower my expectations. Instead of getting frustrated when my hard work doesn't show on the scale I can take satisfaction in not gaining. This way I don't have the tempation to eat a box of Pop Tarts. :)