Sunday, April 27, 2008

The current kerfuffle...

Once again I have made Karen Scott's blog though this time it wasn't for anything I said. It was because a fellow author felt it necessary to point out my 'lack of professionalism' by coming to my blog and posting her thoughts. Then, on her blog, said author posted my URL in conjunction with vultures and the tabloid press.

Tabloid? Not even...

This is going to be my last comment on all of this silliness. I wrote about the conference because I always write about the cons that I attend during the year. At no point in time did I poke fingers at a publisher, a particular cover model, author or reader. People have put so many words in my mouth that any minute I expect to get credit for the Gettysburg Address.

Go read my blog and you will see that commentors outted some people (including said author above, she actually mentioned the publisher by name) and I never did. My posts were a report of what I experienced and overheard at the conference, no more no less.

I realize that some are trying to assign a motive to my 'embellished' (as mentioned by said author above) tales and yes, I do have one. I want the conference to be about romance novels and the people who love them, not chocolate penis' and gropping (be it by the models or attendees). I made my first complaints about the behavior of some models back in 2005 (yes, 2005 - 3 conferences ago) and their behavior has only gotten worse each year. Though why some blogs picked up on my blog this year I have no idea as my reporting was no different than it had been in the past.

As someone so kindly mentioned, yes, I do work as the marketing person for a small press, I also work as the marketing person for about 35 independent authors from small press to NYTers. I am a contractor for all of these businesses and I am paid to be impartial. Almost everyone I know has multiple hats they wear, mother, wife, writer, accountant, teacher etc - and they balance their lives successfully and I'm no different. I worked in the corporate world for 12 years, I know how to keep secrets. If I spill something about one business to another, do you really think that second business would recommend me to anyone else?

Uh, no. When you work in marketing, you're only as good as your last client thinks you are.

As for one of my publishers tossing me off their chat loops, yes they did. But I was the only one they removed. Seeing that they have other authors who also work for other publishers, I find this to be an interesting development as those authors are still on the loops.

So for those who are trying to hint that I was a 'spy' or up to no good, shame on you. Just because you're paranoid and suspicious doesn't mean the rest of us live by that code. I am who I am and if you want to assign some sort of motive to anything I've said or did, go for it. Just because you 'believe' it doesn't mean its true.

I'm so over all of this.


Lori Foster said...

YOu are who you are - makes you sound like Popeye. Remember him? "I yam what I yam."

Yeah, it all got crazy quick, didn't it!? Somehow it takes one person overreacting to something to set fires ablazin'!

Be done with it, and don't let any of it bug you.



Kate R said...

hey I didn't know you did independent marketing. Hey!