Monday, April 28, 2008

Current Obsessions

I'm like most Americans in that we all have our obsessions be they life long or momentary. My life long obsessions include:

Reese's Big Cup - I'm all about the peanut butter and this candy gives the proper amount. Big peanut butter, little chocolate. I'm all about that.

500 thread count sheets - once you sleep on them you'll give up your cable tv to pay for them.

gardening - Mom started me off with playing in the mud and I haven't stopped yet. The only difference now is I do hire someone for the heavy lifting.

Movies - I grew up watching musicals from the forties and fifties. On saturday afternoon I could usually be found in front of the television watching old Bob Hope or Fred Astaire movies.

My dogs - I've had dogs all my life and now I have three. I'd have three more if I didn't think it would send mom off the deep end. :)

Then we all have momentary obsessions -

Big Brother - I was obsessed until James was kicked off. It just wasn't any more fun without him.

America's Next Top Model - I love this show and I never miss it, even when they have the day long marathons.

Swimming - I love to swim and when I'm not traveling I hit the pool about four times a week.

Cooking - I love to cook but I usually lie down and wait until the urge passes. (It isn't the cooking, its the cleaning up I hate)

Driving - This is a new obsession with me. In the last 6 years I've put about 80k miles on my car just flitting from place to place. A six hour drive to Nashville is just getting warmed up for me. :)

So what are some of your favorite obsessions?


Lori Foster said...

This year it's American Idol. Ugh. I get so frustrated when they send home the wrong people! LOL What IS America thinking?

I also love movies, but I bet our tastes vary. ;-)



Cindy Holby said...

Got to agree with Lori on American Idol. Love love love David Lee Cook and hated it when Michael Johns got sent home.

Also obsessed with my new toy. My Ipod died on me and I got to have the music to do my cardio. I bought a new one that does pictures, video and TV shows. I can watch Chuck and Firefly whenever and wherever I want.

hmmm, James MacAvoy. Love him. Can watch him over and over again.

One and the Same... said...

Chocolate. The fancy kind with odd ingredients. Vosges Bacon Bar and Lindt 85% dark. That's just the tip of my stash.

Lori Foster said...

BACON and chocolate? Uh... doesn't sound great.
Now raisins and chocolate, or caramel and chocolate, or chocolate and chocolate... LOL.

Never heard of anything like bacon with it.


missy said...

I'm with you JC...DRIVE!!! It is the best coping skill I know!! I'm the only one who can drive my car, 2007 Scion TC. Not even hubby gets behind the wheel. The moon roof and all the windows open and Henry Rollins in the CD player.
My kick ass hair is all over the place but I can put it back in place when I get where I am going.
Doesn't look like the wind hit it at all.(best thing about kick ass hair)
Oh, and Henry Rollins talk show on IFC and his radio show Harmony In My Head are my other obsessions.


Carolan Ivey said...

Deadliest Catch

Crystals (yes, JC, I know, they're rocks


Celtic anything. :)

Cheyenne said...

Why did you have to mention Reeses Big Cup, JC?????? How mean can you get?


Who looooooooooooooves Reeses Big Cups and needs to stay away from them!!!!!

Anne said...

Reeses Big Cup- My fav..I can eat them till I pass

I am also a closet watcher of America's Next Top Model- though I have wonder how many takes they have each time she says that phrase-cause I would be crackin up everytime she said it.
Carrier - show on PBS about life on an aircraft carrier..Love it!

J.C. Wilder said...

Yes...I said Reese's Big Cup. They are my favorite thing in the world...well, other than my computer...DVDs...soft pajamas...

Okay - nevermind. :)

Pat said...

I would say I'm obsessed by paranormal fiction. Vampires,werewolfs, get the picture. Also those lovely smelling body lotions. I've got to stop buying them. I'm running out of room!!!


Lori Foster said...

I'm with you, Pat!
I just "discovered" Kresley Cole, and holy cow, she's brilliant! LOVE her work!
If you're unfamiliar, it's all werewolves and vampire and valkyrie and witches... good stuff!