Monday, April 21, 2008

Hilarity Abounds...

Some of the best moments of RT:

- At the awards luncheon my friend Lori popped by the say hi. Next to me Beth Williamson is poking me and hissing 'Introduce me.'
I look at Lori and then at Beth. I was willing to introduce her but I wasn't sure why it was so important to her. Then it dawned on me. My friend is Lori Foster, NYT best selling author and I just don't see her that way. I see Lori the Mom, Lori the wife, Lori the sports nut... :)

- Heather Osborn and the retelling of an episode of Sandra Lee's Almost Homemade - it was the show about creating holiday cakes from angel food...from a store. After her retelling of the show, I'd almost be willing to watch it. (probably not)

- When the lights went out during the book signing. The collective AW! was hilarious.

- Signing books by cell phone light.

- Cindy Holby dropping something under the table then bending over to get it - nothing exciting in that except she was wearing her fairy wings and it took some acrobatics to get her under the table.

- Sitting outside the ballroom the night of the vampire ball and watching the costume parade. Some were quite good while some were just quite...interesting.

- The mad dash to WalMart to buy a frige as the hotel gave mine away. (That hotel was a PIT. Everyone I know has come home with at least a pound of plaster in their lungs. Most of them are coughing until they choke - how pretty)

- All of the fabulous volunteers, all unpaid, who work hard to pull the conference together.

- Kathryn's ability to command help quickly. We had an injury just before the Samhain Sayanara party and she managed to get a bucket of ice to the room in less than 5 minutes. I've never see that hotel staff move so quickly.

- The fairy ball decorations were exquisite - a very classy event.

- Club RT was fun as usual. The readers were fab and I love sitting around and telling tall tales with other authors.

- The lady who approached me at the Samhain party to thank me for taking her under my 'wing' several years ago. I do remember her amazingly enough and I was flattered that she even thought about that event. It was in Columbus and she'd arrived at the con for the book signing. She was alone so I kidnapped her, we got lunch then went back to the con. I then slipped her into the booksigning early. :)

- The ladies who thanked me for blogging about the more unsavory side of the events at RT.

A minor 'retraction' -

The stripping that happened after the military tribute was just that, after the military tribute. My issue was still that they used the American flag and one of the cavemen was shaking his best friend behind it. If there hadn't been a military salute then I probably wouldn't have had much of a problem with it. But to have a salute to honor the military then less than an hour later have the dancers doing pelvic thrusts with the flag, that's just not right. Love it or hate it, that is the American flag that millions of people died for - it deserves more respect than that. I come from along tradition of military service and my father would get angry if we folded it wrong.


Lori Foster said...

Hey chickie! You see me as I am. Me. Not nearly as much an author as I am a mom, wife and friend. So thanks for seeing ME. (Not that I don't LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the success I've lucked into. LOL
And your friend was so nice! I'm thrilled you intro'd us.

Now me, I still have problems with stripping going on at a readers' convention, with or without the flag involved. Yeah, with the flag is worse, but still... This was NOT supposed to be a porn convention. I'm still disgusted by the behavior of some, and TOTALLY disgusted by the hotel.
PIT doesn't even begin to describe it. It seemed more on the verge of being condemned than remodeled.

Big ole hugs from me.


ddurance said...

Thanks JC for wrapping it up for us with all the high points and low points. Now where do we go from here? LOL


Beth Williamson said...

Hm, should I be flattered or insulted that I was the #1 hilarity moment post?


I think I'll be flattered especially when you grabbed me as the lights went out at the book signing. ;)