Saturday, April 26, 2008

When good authors go bad...

As the stomach turns...

I have been removed from one of my publisher's email list entirely. Once again, I'm pretty sure it was just me that was removed - but what about the other authors who work for other publishers? Chances are they weren't booted...just little ole me.

The last instance of removing an author from their lists (without telling her by the way) was an author who complained about the publisher's bad behavior. They too were removed from the lists without any contact from said publisher.

Now THAT is professionalism.


Ann Jacobs said...

My guess is, no other EC author who writes for more than one publisher has gone out of her way to diss the rest of us, our mutual publisher and the cover models who grace the covers of our EC books.

About professionalism: people who live in glass houses should be careful about throwing stones. If an author is displeased about something she feels reflects badly on herself as an author, she should take her concerns up with people who can do something about valid complaints. That would not be her fellow authors, blog readers or the world at large.

J.C. Wilder said...

Ann - as usual you miss the point. I did take my complaints to the publisher and I was told to basically stuff it. I have a slew of emails from attendees thanking me for posting my account of RT yet said publisher insists upon telling their authors that I was the only one to complain.

Don't talk to me about professionalism, Ann - you're the one that just outted the publisher on my blog, not I.

Lori Foster said...

Hey JC,
By far, you're not the only one posting about this, or disturbed by things that happened at the convention.
Also, I've read most of your posts and I haven't noticed you "dissing" anyone. I saw a recap of things that DID happen. Were others pleased by what went on??? I can't imagine they were. Showing models is one thing, getting groped or groping, using foulest language in a large crowd where many might be offended, stripping, feigned sexual acts - surely that wasn't what was intended with the inception of the plan to include the models!?

So is ignoring what happened going to make it more acceptable? Not.

If you don't chat about it, how else can it be ensured that it won't happen again? How else can the publisher and RT know that this is NOT a big draw for readers and authors?

I've had a few folks tell me that they won't say anything because they're afraid of the publisher. That's the God's honest truth.
I've been published since 95, and that's the first I've ever heard of an author actually fearing the hold a publisher had over her personal life and her right to discuss actual facts.

With your "banning," I guess I see that those fears are founded.

Very sad.

Many have also said they won't publicly complain because they're worried RT will give them bad reviews.

I think those concerns are completely unfounded!

I adore RT and all that they do for romance. So everything with the convention wasn't perfect - so what? I feel totally free to voice my difficulties (and I have on my blog) without fear of reprisal from RT.
I honestly don't believe RT reviews are based on money spent on the mag, or personal acquaintance, or anything other than THE BOOK. I think the reviewers love what they love, and dislike what they dislike, and they tell it like it is based on the book they read, not their personal sentiments toward the authors.

So I have no fear of RT - only great respect, even though, because of what has happened a few years in a row now, I probably won't be attending the convention again any time soon.

Through all this, I still have deep respect for the talent of the authors at that publisher, even while I store away less favorable impressions of some, along with what I'm learning about the publisher.

Keep on keeping on!


Shannon Dauphin said...

I usually lurk on blogs, but with all the bad news about publishers lately, I'm compelled to comment.

I've read numerous blogs where the bad behavior at RT was mentioned. I've been reading about that bad behavior for the last few years, and that's why I chose not to go to RT. I attend many other cons, network with authors and readers, and always come back with positive things to say. It seems that wouldn't be the case with RT, and I would definitely be as vocal as everyone else has been.

Kudos to you for speaking out, JC, and I hope you continue to do so.

I think this illustrates the bigger issue of "publishers behaving badly." It seems to be EVERYWHERE now. As little as a year ago, I would have been shocked by the behavior that now seems to be commonplace -- open attacks on authors, "blacklisting" dissenting voices, cutting off communication, and other unprofessional behavior, up to and including not paying royalties. What used to be shocking is now commonplace.

I agree with Lori's comment that many authors are now afraid of their publishers. AFRAID of them! How did things get that bad? I've worked with dozens of publishers over the years, and not once was I afraid to speak my mind. A working relationship should NEVER involve fear, and if it does, that publisher deserves long, hard scrutiny -- and a warning label.

Lauren Dane said...

You're not "us" Ann so don't presume to speak for anyone but yourself. I don't feel dissed at all.

If an author feels displeased that opinions other than hers exist she should probably not go to other people's blogs and sling mud. Just sayin. Or maybe she should just realize that diversity of opinion isn't a diss, it's an opinion.

Lauren Dane said...

Oh! And also, I agree wholeheartedly with Lori! I love RT - the conference and the magazine and I'll be back next year in Orlando. Expressing dismay at something doesn't mean you don't love it.