Saturday, April 19, 2008

Day 4 - The Lull Before the Storm

Tonight was the vampire ball hosted by the oh-so-fabulous Heather Graham. I always enjoy the costumes as, let's face it, you just don't get to break out the teeth and fake blood every day. The obvious accessory this year was cleavage and the more the better. There were three ladies sporting corsets and....might I say....they succeded in defying the law of gravity. Of course one lady had a cup of marishino cherries nestled between her plump girls and I couldn't decide if she were trying to cure a case of scurvy with copious amounts of fruit or if they were to entice unsuspecting males into plumbing her depths.

Whichever it was I'm sure it was fascinating.

Cindy/Colby has been seen making the rounds today with a fabu shirt with sparkly letters spelling out SHINY. How wonderfully Firefly of her. Once again, in true Colby form, she was summarily tossed from the Vampire banquet according to her. I can't confirm said tossing as I wasn't even at the ball since there weren't enough seats. This is the second dinner I've missed due to said lack o' seating.

I am thinking of sending calculators out for Christmas.

But don't worry intrepid blogbuddiez, I have packed away enough flubber to keep myself alive for 8.7 years.

John DeSalvo was hanging out this evening. I actually have quite a funny story about him. First met him in 94 at my first RT. I was about to exit the ballroom with I was suddenly swarmed with women. I was trying to make good my escape when I run into a man in a pirate-esque costume who wrapped his arms around my neck with the assumption I wanted him to do so.

Sorry dude, don't even who you are....

And of course my friend was there to snap a photo of me trying to escape. If I find it I will post it here.

In other RT news, spent some time with Cheryl Holt this evening. Very funny and lovely lady. I was on an erotica panel with L.A. Banks, Eric Jerome Dickey and a few others. Leslie (L.A.) decided to tell the story of popping her cherry and I must had everyone rolling on the floor. (sorry kids you'll have to ask her)

I was delighted to meet Smart Bitch Sarah. Contrary to popular belief she does not resemble the Devil's left butt cheek nor is there a 666 burned into her forehead. I, for one, was disappointed to see that wasn't the case. (not really, Sarah is as she says - one smart bitch) She is okey dokey in my book.

My new best bud, Missy, wanted to be mentioned in my blog. She is a bookseller from Ohio with kick ass hair and an accent that can melt even the steeliest of hearts. :)

More bad behavior was seen and heard across RT land. I'm very pleased to report that the EC cavemen remained covered (thank god) and seemed to be on their best behavior. Well, the best hehavior from a caveman that is.

A well known and respected author was overheard asking why people were so fat here. Ah...glad I don't read her books. (authors, please note that everything you say and do will come back to haunt you - that is why you need to not say things like this or people like me will comment upon it. I will not name her as some need to saved from their own foolishness.)

There have been several 'showdowns' between authors and reviewers. Usually it involves the author insulting a reviewer which I must say is very strange. So if a reviewer doesn't like your book this means you should assault them and accuse them of being malicious? hows that working?

One final note - someone came up and hugged me leaving a smear of deodorant. It was the infamous Michele Bardsley. Once she hits the NYT List, that shirt is going up on ebay!


ned said...

Thanx' JC! I had a blast at RT!! My hubby thinks your blog is hysterical. Come to Troy soon so we can hang out.

missy said...

btw I was using my hubby's computer for that last post.

ddurance said...

You are a trip, JC! LOL, thank you for sharing your RT escapades.


Jaynie said...


Oh wow - I have to email this to Michele

Michele Bardsley said...

Seriously, JC. You might get four, maybe five dollars for that sucker! Just remember ... I offered to sign it! I had the perfect silver Sharpie. LOL!

Loved seeing you, JC. Mwah!