Saturday, April 19, 2008

Now approaching the finish line...

Only one more night of RT and 24 hours from now I'll be headed back to my soft clothes and fluffy slippers. BooYah!

The book signing is now over and was a resounding success. Much fun was had and the readers were loaded up with books. I lost count of the number of times readers approached me saying they were in absolute HEAVEN. A chance to meet their fav authors and hang with hunky men? BRING IT.

I have a ton of photos to put up but...yet again...I'm running out to grab a snack. More later.


Lori Foster said...

Hey chickie.
All should know that you've been picking on me, that you even tossed one of my books during the signing. When the lady next to me asked, I said, "Yeah, that's JC." LOL
I liked all the "dick" talk you were doing in an earlier blog. That offended someone? LOL

I skipped all the parties, and I'm STILL so freaking exhausted. But then, I'm in the Omni, and the shuttle back and forth (ONE shuttle)isn't reliable, so I'm doing the cab thing, and it's a pain in the tush, which adds to my tiredness.
And now I'll stop beeotching.

Love ya JC!


Marie-Nicole Ryan said...

Thanks so much for all your sharing, JC. I love your attitude. Tell it like it is.

Kate Douglas said...

Hope you survived, tiara intact! Sometimes the best part of RT is getting home to your own bed--and don't get me wrong, I love RT, but it's totally, mind-boggleingly exhausting. Sounds as if the cover model boys have not improved since last year. I'm old--I DO show my age! Thanks so much for the reports--you got to see a LOT of my favorite people!