Wednesday, April 16, 2008

RT: Day One - Camping

Carolan Ivey and I joined forces to tackle the Romantic Times Booklover Convention with a vengeance. And I must say, I'm glad we did.

The hotel is scary...

We're staying at the Hilton Pittsburgh and its being remodeled. Majorly remodled. Just trying to find the entrance is an adventure, not to mention getting assistance with our luggage. Everywhere you go there is evidence that Tim 'the tool guy' Taylor has been here. The halls are covered in plasterboard dust and many of the doorways don't have framing. How bizarre. While the employees have been lovely, I've never camped in a hotel so this should be interesting.

After we finally got into our room, we headed down to see what havoc we could create. And who was the first person I spied in the lobby? The oh-so-fabulous Linnea Sinclair and her drinking protege Stacey! After a gale of giggles we were joined by Robin Owens, Isabo Kelly and Cindy Colby Hodge - some of my favorite peeps!

Since Isabo is preggers (and some of the gals named the baby Moon Beaver - sounds like a stripper to me) food was the first order so we headed out into the mean streets of Pittsburgh. Needless to say the restaurant never saw us coming and will be forever changed from our visit. Much fun was had to the point one author (whose name rhymes with WINDY) spewed liquid from multiple orifaces...

Hey, I tried to warn her to not drink unless we were all drinking - we're dangerous like that.

The Make The Yeep Chirp contest has begun. For those of you have no idea what I'm talking about, wait, I will try to post a clip of it. This you HAVE to hear. :)

More Later!


Mippy C. said...

I'm so jealous! You ladies are going to have such a fantastic week!!! Have a drink - or two - for me, JCm and keep the gossip comin'. ;)

Joy said...


Sounds like you're having a blast! :)

Barbara Sheridan said...

If memory serves many lols were had with Make the Yeep Chirp at the horror hotel of RT 2000.

Good Times.

Leslie T & I should be catching up with "yinz guys" shortly.

ddurance said...

Sounds like the beginnings of a great week. What bad timing on the remodeling of the hotel. Y'all could get the Mr. Romance guys to take off their shirts and get to work on getting the hotel fixed. It's just a thought. LOL

mamasand2 said...

And here I thought you would be hard at work meeting, greeting, and promoing, etc.

This sounds like way too much fun and partying. LOL

Enjoy it while you can JC,


Stacey said...

Went back to that same restaurant tonight and the same waitress was there. She was really hoping for another interesting evening, but I told her it wouldn't work without you! : )

Stacey K.

Cindy Holby said...

At least I managed to avoid yeeping and spewing and every other embarrasment yesterday except for the knee in the lift incident.

And sometimes bad incidents have great results. I got rescued by a cover model.

the sacrifices we make. I'll gladly trade a bruised knee for cover model gallantry

ddurance said...

Which one? Tell us more!


Cindy Holby said...

Chris Winters saved me in the elevator. I'm talking picked me up, sheltered me, comforted me, walked me to my room and left, just like a gentleman.

no need to start any unnecessary rumors. But truly, it was the gallantry that you dream about. And I've had tons of people who were either in the elevator or heard about it that said it sounds so romantic. Which hey, this is Romantic Times isn't it? What more can you ask for.

ddurance said...

Oh wow! Squeeee! From what I've heard, he's a sweetie, but who knows, he could just be laying the groundwork for a win. Here's hoping he's truly a romantic, the world could use many more of those. Thanks for sharing!.....and you didn't ask him in? LOL


Cindy Holby said...

Nope Chris is most geunine. He didn't have to be a hero. He just did want he wanted to do. There was another cover model on board who did nothing so it wasn't about the win. It was about Chris being a gentleman.

Someone remarked that he just took control of the situation and was so calm and wonderful. I'm pretty sure everyone here wants to be me.

Except for that dreaded yeeping and spewing stuff....

ddurance said...

Yep, I would definitely trade places with you over that! LOL, so tell us about getting kicked out of the Faery Ball, inquiring minds want to know.


Cindy Holby said...

getting kicked out of the fairy ball. Well its like this. Chris is the most extraordinary gentleman. I had some wings for him and he stopped by to get "winged" so to speak. Then we rode down the elevator together and walked into the ball....a half hour late.

It was a very Cinderalla moment. I was pretty fairy and Chris was dashing fairy and cover model wrangler was most upset that he was late and with me. Chris insisted that he wanted to have dinner with me and I insisted that he go do his schtick. So he went to mingle and

I was bagged for a LIFETIME TV INTERVIEW. Part of the interview involved the crew filming me going to a table and talking to someone. So hey, I'll do Chris a favor. I did the interview, invited crew into the ball where they filmed me walking prettily and gracefully over to Chris. TV crew left, fans at table wanted pics of me and Chris together. Cover Model Wrangler got most upset and tossed me from the room because I was spending too much time with model I AM SPONSERING. HELLO?

I got my revenge by bagging and tagging several cover models with Linnea's blinking LED lights. Also scored a new one for lunch at offical sponser table.

bwa ha ha.....

Ask JC to post her pic of her herd of cover guys

ddurance said...

So exciting! That is a great story to tell everyone you know, that you got kicked out of an RT event due to CHRIS WINTERS, a gorgeous model, who also happens to be a gentleman! It sounds like this wrangler needs to take a chill pill. It should be all about the fun and mingling with the attendees after all.

Ahem! JC, where's that picture? LOL


Kate Douglas said...

LOL...having roomed with the Yeep, I know SOMEONE was successful!