Saturday, April 19, 2008

RT - Comment on previous statement

I hear that some of the authors are a little upset about my negative comments about my RT experience.

First off, I'm really sorry that anyone is upset about my commentary as this was not my intent.

Secondly, this is *my* experience and it is not a personal attack on any person, group or establishment. Once again, it is my experience. Anyone who knows me realizes that I am very blunt and to the point. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. If I am going to throw barbs or insults at you, I will do it to your face. (That said I'm not in the habit of insulting people or deliberately hurting or belittling anyone)

Three, I love the RT conference. Always have always will. They have always been wildly supportive of me and my career and I'm one of their biggest advocates. There are at least 20 people here that are here because I pointed them in this direction.

Once again, this is MY experience and MY feelings on this blog. Isn't that the point of a blog - to open a little window into someone's world and their experience?

Because I was feeling disenchanted with my experience this year I took a moment to speak to Kathryn Falk the owner of RT. We've known each other for 13 years and we are both straight shooters. I told her how I felt and she listened very intently and we talked it out. I'm not a gossip/newsy blog so I'm not going to share her side of it but I will say that I felt better for having spoken to her. I will be at RT in Orlando and I will encourage any romance lover / reader / writer to do so. When it comes to romance, the RT con is still the best place to immerse yourself in it.

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